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We have collected 7 of the most popular premium class split systems. The list, of course, only inverter models of well-known Japanese brands. Thanks to the inverter, it is possible to smoothly adjust the power of the device. Also, such air conditioners last longer and save electricity by an average of 30% more.

Each of the split systems presented in the top is capable of heating a room and is distinguished by the highest energy consumption class for cooling — A +++. In addition, almost all of the listed models use R32 freon as a refrigerant. This advanced solution is not only economical and has a high cooling effect, but also has minimal damage to the ozone layer and low GWP (Global Warming Potential), fully complying with European environmental standards.

1. Daikin FTXZ25N / RXZ25N

This model came out in 2014. It is best suited for homes and apartments. Thanks to the patented Ururu Sarara technology, the split system provides, if necessary, humidification and dehumidification of the environment in the room, and also mixes in fresh air. Daikin’s own development is the Flash Streamer air purification filter, which can clean itself. Also, the air conditioner is equipped with an Intelligent Eye mechanism for protecting a person from cold streams, which involves scanning space and choosing the safest mode of operation. The minimum noise level of the indoor unit of the split system is 26 dB.


  • humidifier and dehumidifier;
  • fresh air supply;
  • a sensor that prevents the direction of cold air flows towards a person.

Cons: not the quietest operation at the minimum mode and high price.

2. Daikin FTXA25BB/RXA25A

This design model, released in 2020, is one of the most stylish solutions on the market today. The internal block differs in record thickness — only 189 mm.

Along with the Flash Streamer air purification system, silver ion and titanium apatite photocatalytic filters are installed here. Thanks to the matrix infrared sensor, the device changes the temperature in the room as evenly as possible. The Intelligent Eye sensor will protect users from drafts. The air conditioner’s minimum noise level of 19 dB is comparable to the sound of rustling leaves in a slight gust of wind.


  • very quiet and thin;
  • protection of people from drafts;
  • three colors — white, black, silver.

Cons: not the best heat performance — 2.8 kW.


The flagship of the line of air conditioners for the home in 2018. First of all, it is interesting that there are two additional fans on the sides. Thanks to innovative technology, the split system distributes air flows without even a hint of «dead zones».

The air conditioner is equipped with a two-stage filtration system. Automatically cleans the filter when needed. It provides a Wi-Fi controller and a stylish remote control with a sliding panel. The Human Sensor reduces power consumption when no one is in the room. And after 12 hours of absence of people, the air conditioner turns off on its own.


  • Dual Blaster fan system;
  • excellent heat performance — 3.6 kW;
  • human presence sensor;
  • Wi-Fi control.

Cons: a considerable level of noise at minimum speed.

4.Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN25VG2R/MUZ-LN25VGHZ2

A designer model that looks spectacular thanks to the combination of plastic and metallic paint with a deep saturated color.

The conditioner is supplied with highly effective Plasma Quad Plus air purification system. 3D smart sensor i-see The Sensor creates a thermal map of the room and directs the airflow to the points where the temperature needs to be raised or lowered. Another sensor controls the flow of cold air so that users do not catch a cold, and optimizes energy consumption in the absence of people nearby.

Thanks to the presence of a wireless interface in the air conditioner, you can control the device from your smartphone by connecting to the “home network” of the Wi-Fi router. The split system is very light: the indoor unit weighs only 9 kg, while the outdoor unit weighs 44 kg. The operation of the minimum mode of the air conditioner at the level of 19 dB (virtually silent).


  • quiet and light;
  • smart sensor;
  • three colors to choose from: ruby ​​red, pearl white, onyx black;
  • Wi-Fi control.

Cons: the smart sensor peeks out from the bottom of the case like a stump.

5. Daikin FTXJ25MS/RXJ25M

The flagship of the Emura design line. Perfect for the bedroom thanks to night mode, discreet colors and a minimum noise level of 19 dB. The body of the indoor unit is one of the thinnest on the market. It is almost flat on the sides and has a thickening in the middle.

There is a dual-zone Intelligent Eye sensor that automatically puts the air conditioner into sleep mode when there are no people nearby. Thanks to the photocatalytic titanium apatite filter, the split system effectively eliminates dust particles and unpleasant odors. Two new silver ion filters trap allergens. The air filter is treated with a special anti-mold solution. Thanks to the program dehumidification of the air in the room, it is possible to maintain the relative humidity at the level 35-60%.


  • dehumidification;
  • smart sensor;
  • thin indoor unit;
  • minimum noise level.

Cons: the design is not suitable for any interior.

6. Hitachi RAK-25PSC/RAC-25WSC

This model from the manufacturer’s Premium line can be purchased in a house, apartment or office. It is distinguished by the presence of a weekly timer for setting the operation of the air conditioner by day, an Eco-Sensor presence sensor. Thanks to the «Away from home» mode, it is possible to maintain a room temperature of at least 10 ° C.

The evaporator drying option prevents the formation of mold. The function of the split-system «Ion fog» provides the release of ionized water particles into the space, which significantly reduces the content of bacteria and fungi in the air. The air conditioner filters can be cleaned automatically. Minimum noise level: 22 dB.


  • quiet enough;
  • presence sensor;
  • maximum set of functions;
  • the price is lower than competitors in the premium.

Cons: The use of less energy efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant of the previous generation — R410A.

7.Mitsubishi Heavy SRK25ZSX-WT/SRC25ZSX-S

Designer model 2017. It features smooth, streamlined outlines. The design was developed by the Milanese industrial design studio TENSA SRL. This split system is interesting in that the front panel of its indoor unit opens when turned on. This minimizes air resistance, increases energy efficiency and reduces noise level, which is only 19 dB at minimum fan speed.

There is an energy saving function Eco Operation, an infrared sensor Human Sensor. Thanks to the Wi-Fi interface, the air conditioner allows the user to establish control from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or tablet. It is also worth noting that the SRK-ZSX split systems are market leaders in terms of seasonal energy efficiency.


  • low noise level;
  • three colors: white, «contrast» (white with black insert) and «titanium»;
  • a wide range of functions;
  • control via Wi-Fi;
  • affordable price.

Cons: rather large indoor unit.

Mitsubishi Heavy SRK25ZSX-WT / SRC25ZSX-S


All air conditioners presented in the top are quite quiet, even despite a lot of additional features. 3 models from 7th Wi-Fi controlled. You can also choose a split system of suitable colors and designs.


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