The debate about which air conditioner is better — inverter or conventional — has not subsided in recent years. The situation today is somewhat reminiscent of the one that has developed in the phone market, when mobile devices began to massively replace the usual, stationary ones.

Skeptics at that time also doubted that the “mobile phone” would become a full-fledged replacement for a wired device. But this skepticism collapsed in just some 5 years. And now the mobile phone has become the same indispensable attribute of each of us, like a passport. The market for air conditioners is about the same picture.

Just about what is an inverter air conditioner

Let us briefly formulate, for a simple layman, what is the main difference in terms of the features of the operation of an inverter air conditioner from a conventional one. So, a conventional air conditioner operates in the so-called start-stop mode. It turns on if the room temperature is higher than the set one and works until it provides cooling to the set values. After that, it turns off and on again when the room gets too hot. Thus, it regularly turns on and off during the day.

Wall mounted air conditioner Dantex RK-12SMI/RK-12SMIE

Inverter wall air conditioner Dantex RK-12SMI/RK-12SMIE

The start-stop mode has several negative features: firstly, the constant turning on / off of the air conditioner is harmful to our ear, because. it reacts more acutely not to steady constant noise, but to its jumps. Secondly, electric current surges at the moment the air conditioner is turned on / off do not benefit the central element of the device — the compressor, so the service life of a conventional air conditioner is, in general, less than that of an inverter one. And the wiring in the house is also far from «not happy» with these regular jumps. Finally, the main thing is that the start-stop mode is more energy-consuming. Let’s deal with this in more detail.

The inverter air conditioner is able to change its power depending on the environmental conditions. A normal air conditioner can’t do that. Why do you need variable power? Everything is simple. When the room is very hot, the inverter air conditioner operates with more power than conventional and quickly brings the temperature to acceptable values. After that, increased power is no longer required, and the inverter air conditioner automatically reduces it in order to only maintain the desired temperature.

Thus, in the «forced» mode, the inverter air conditioner works for a small amount of time, and the rest of the time it operates in the reduced power mode, because. maintaining the existing temperature is easier than cooling. This is known to every housewife — when the soup boils, you can reduce the gas.

Well, an ordinary air conditioner cannot “reduce gas”, what energy efficiency is there!

What can a modern inverter air conditioner

But these advantages of a modern inverter air conditioner are far from exhausted. In order not to be unfounded, we bring to your attention a brief description of the capabilities of the Dantex RK-12SMI / RK-12SMIE wall-mounted air conditioner from the website of Dantex, one of the most dynamically developing brands on the Russian market.

  • The air conditioner is equipped with catechin and carbon filters. Catechin has the ability to inactivate 98% of viruses, as well as dust particles and other harmful substances. And coal — not only eliminates persistent unpleasant odors, such as ammonia, but also disinfects harmful chemical gases, such as formaldehyde.

  • The air conditioner has several modes of operation. In automatic mode, he himself chooses the mode of operation for heat or cold. You just have to set the desired temperature and not think about which mode to choose. And with the help of turbo mode, you can very quickly heat or cool the room to the desired temperature.

  • The air conditioner has a number of special modes: auto-restart — for automatic restoration of previously set settings in case of failures. Cold air protection, auto-cleaning, smart defrost, self-diagnosis, auto-off after 10 hours of operation, etc. All of these modes both save you time and increase convenience and comfort, while they also save you money.

  • This model has the function «Independent dehumidification». It helps to maintain optimal humidity in the room, providing you with both additional comfort and a healthy living environment.

  • The Dantex RK-12SMI/RK-12SMIE air conditioner works not only for cooling, but also for heating. Moreover, this equipment is able to function, even if outside temperatures are below zero.

  • And, of course, energy saving. Dantex RK-12SMI/RK-12SMIE wall-mounted air conditioners operate using ECO Energy-Saving technology, which provides high device performance with monthly energy savings of up to 30% (compared to conventional air conditioners).

Top 5 Benefits of an Inverter Air Conditioner For those who do not like «many letters»

Saving your time, we will formulate 5 main advantages of inverter air conditioners, which we offer you as information for consideration.

  1. energy efficiency or energy saving. It is estimated that every year electricity tariffs are growing, on average by 5-7%. Thus, over 5 years, the growth of tariffs is at least 25%, i.e. more than a quarter of current rates. In such a situation, buying energy-inefficient equipment is ruinous in the full sense of the word.
  2. low noise. This factor should not be underestimated, because. regular noise surges can make your life unbearable over time. Low noise level is the key to your emotional and even mental health.
  3. No big temperature fluctuations. Another important factor in your comfort is maintaining the temperature in the room at a given comfortable level. In the long run, the situation when you are thrown between hot and cold is no less tiring than noise surges. An inverter air conditioner will not allow this.
  4. The rate of bringing the room temperature to comfortable values. Unlike a conventional one, an inverter air conditioner will not make you wait long for the heat in the room to change to the desired coolness.
  5. Durability. By purchasing an inverter air conditioner, you will solve your “climate problem” for several years. Of course, with the correct operation of your device.

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