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Do you need a wine cabinet

They say that a wine collection is a great investment, because good wine only becomes more expensive with age. This statement is true only under the condition of proper storage. So, glass bottles cannot stand sunlight, extraneous odors, and a certain humidity in the room is important for the cork — at the level of 65-70%, otherwise it will dry out and this will negatively affect the quality of the drink.

The most important parameter for the «well-being» of wine is the temperature in the room. At temperatures above 18-20 degrees, the wine ages rapidly, at temperatures below +10˚C, it ceases to ripen.

To create optimal conditions for storing wine, collectors and connoisseurs purchase a climate-controlled wine cabinet. This is a worthy solution for a small collection or for storing some wine in an accessible area, for example, in the kitchen. For large collections, the best solution would be to buy an air conditioner for a wine cellar or a wine showcase.

Expert opinion

Eduard Semiryazhko, General Director «Bestsellers»:

“Are you planning to build a wine cellar? Then you need a two-zone wine cabinet to prepare wine for serving. The fact is that, according to the rules, the temperature for serving wine is different from the temperature for storing wine in a wine cellar.

Valery Udaltsov, Deputy General Director «Vinkav»:

“The characteristics of a wine cabinet often indicate the maximum capacity, while the optimal capacity is 30 percent less. if you need a cabinet for 100 bottles of 0.75 l, buy a wine cabinet with a capacity of about 150 bottles»

When choosing a wine cabinet, they are guided by its technical characteristics, design, dimensions and availability of additional options. How to choose the right model and not be disappointed after? We have collected the main problems that you may encounter when choosing a wine cabinet.

Top 5 mistakes when choosing

1. Vibration

The absence of vibrations is critical for storing bottles of wine, but the wine cooler compressor itself is a potential source of vibrations. Only expensive models of wine cabinets with thermoelectric cooling can completely eliminate the negative impact of this factor. The immobility of bottles is favorably affected by shelves made of precious wood. Plastic or steel shelves, alas, do not guarantee the desired effect.

2. Insufficient air currents

Air circulation inside the cabinet is very important for wine. Check if the inner chamber is equipped with special openings through which, due to pressure drops, air passes through the entire space of the cabinet.

wine cabinets

4. Poor light protection

Every wine connoisseur knows that bottles of sparkling liquor should not be stored in the light, so wine cabinets come with tinted double-glazed windows to keep out UV radiation and provide additional thermal insulation. Since the tinting of the showcase is carried out in any colors and shades, it is not difficult to find a wine cabinet that will fit into any interior.

wine cabinets

3. Insufficient number of temperature zones

Wine cabinets are single-temperature (you can set only one temperature mode) and two-temperature. The latter are divided into two zones — for the storage of red and white wines. The more expensive and elite wine cabinet you choose, the more temperature zones it will have. There are even cabinets on the market with the possibility of dividing into six zones. You will appreciate if your wine cabinet has an area where, for example, a bottle of wine is brought to the right temperature before serving.

5. Small cabinet volume

Some manufacturers indicate how many 0.75 bottles (classic wine bottles like Bordeaux) fit in a wine cabinet. Other manufacturers indicate usable capacity in liters. Pay attention to this factor. Some models of wine cabinets can also store Magnum type wine bottles.

By the way, in the air conditioning promotions section, there are sometimes special offers for precision air conditioners of various sizes at a discount.

About additional functionality

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And think ahead about the extra convenience features and options your wine cabinet should have. These features include: backlight, pull-out shelves, decanter shelf, the ability to store different types of bottles, an electronic display and a digital thermometer, the “Child Protection” button etc. In some models of wine cabinets, the heatif the room temperature drops. It is better to consider all these points in advance.

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