Top 5 Dehumidifiers for Private Pools
Author Timofey Vorobyov

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Here are the top 5 pool dehumidifiers for 2021 sales. These are devices with a built-in hygrostat for automatic maintenance of humidity in indoor areas with medium-sized pools: private, for water sports, recreation and wellness treatments. In the list we consider the lines of different foreign brands. Both premium, mid-range and budget options are included.

Dantherm CDP

Segment leader. The models of the range are protected against corrosion in accordance with class C4. Before assembly, they go through the stage of applying a special powder coating. The evaporator and condenser coils are aluminum and epoxy coated.

Thanks to the RS-485 port, BMS communication is possible. A USB connector is also provided. This makes it possible to control the dehumidifier via the Internet and monitor its performance.


  • built-in electronic hygrostat and thermostat;
  • interesting design;
  • there is a channel version for flush mounting;
  • European assembly and corresponding quality;
  • silent operation;
  • possibility of wireless remote control.

Cons: significant power consumption.


Devices of the Finnish manufacturer. They differ in much more affordable prices compared to their counterparts from Dantherm. By default, in addition to the built-in type hygrostat, an electronic control panel and a remote control are provided. Here, a permanent water drainage system assumes the possibility of condensate drainage both back to the pool and to the drainage system.

There are two types of dehumidifiers in the line. DanVex DEH WP are compact solutions for wall mounting. DanVex DEH P are floor mounted units.


  • almost always in stock;
  • reliable European manufacturer;
  • low noise level;
  • there are floor column models for larger pools.

Cons: Old fashioned design.

Hidros SBA A/P

Dehumidifiers of the middle price category of the Italian brand. As many as five performance options are presented — from 49 to 190 l / day. The devices of the line are characterized by an easy-to-repair and maintenance design, quick access to each part and easy replacement of spare parts. There is a channel version, but often on order.

Models SBA A are designed for wall mounting and SBA P are designed for flush mounting. Dehumidifiers are supplied with the built-in controller with the LCD display.


  • usually in stock;
  • a wide range of performance;
  • work with a hygrostat or humidity converter;
  • the ability to combine several devices into one system.

Cons: there is no built-in hygrostat in the basic configuration, it can be ordered from a factory in Italy, which increases the delivery time.

Calorex DH33/DH55

British dehumidifiers are literally assembled from the same components as the analogues of the Danish leader. But they are somewhat rarer in stock, although their cost is lower. Possess an IP45 protection class. That is, they are not afraid of solid particles over 1 mm and water jets. Thanks to the adjustable air outlet grille, the dehumidifiers support installation at different heights.


  • protection class IP45 allows you to place the device anywhere and not be afraid of splashes;
  • attractive price;
  • compact body;
  • adjustable blinds.

Cons: rarely available.

Royal Clima Riviera

Italian brand dehumidifiers, but made in China. These are models whose marking begins with the prefix DAR. They can be installed both on the wall and on the floor. Wheels are included for mobility.

Riviera dehumidifiers come with an IR remote control. They are characterized by complete corrosion resistance: the body is made of ABS, and the base is made of stainless steel. Thanks to the use of epoxy resin, the electronics are reliably protected from moisture. Also in the models of the series there is support for changing the side of the drainage outlet.


  • inexpensive models;
  • good design;
  • universal installation;
  • tolerable work at such a low price.

Cons: build quality «for an amateur.»

Royal Clima DAR 060


As you can see, in the top there was a place for dehumidifiers for pools with different technological content. There are models that support both wall mounting and indoor floor mounting. Most of the lines in the top differ in a number of performance options.

«Smart climate» offers a wide range of dehumidifiers for swimming pools. In order to make a successful purchase with a high probability, you should be guided by such criteria as room parameters, operating conditions, personal wishes. The specialists of the site will help you not to make a mistake with the choice.


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