Thermobile Industries (Termobile Industries), located in Breda (Netherlands), is one of the leading European manufacturers of thermal industrial air equipment in the premium segment.

THERMOBILE solutions for air heating of poultry farms, pig farms and farms
  • Thermobile Industries has been developing and manufacturing mobile and stationary air heaters for the industrial market of different segments on different types of fuel for more than 50 years.

  • 100% own production in the Netherlands, quality control of each unit at all stages, the use of only high-quality materials and components guarantees, among other things, high efficiency, economy, long service life and reliability of the equipment and this distinguishes Thermobile equipment in the market of thermal air equipment.

THERMOBILE industrial air heaters are used in various fields, such as construction, rental market, crop drying, heating of greenhouses and greenhouses, temporary and semi-permanent industrial and storage facilities, awning structures, car services, etc. The solution can be found on a variety of fuels ranging from propane and natural gas, diesel, waste oils, electricity to bio-oils and pellets.

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What equipment to choose for heating a poultry farm and a pig farm?

The use of a heat gun (air heater) guarantees high-quality and fast heating of the pigsty / poultry farm with a minimum of energy consumption.

THERMOBILE solutions for air heating of poultry farms, pig farms and farms

Thermobile Industries BV also has heating solutions for poultry and pig farms. The specially designed AGA economy series of direct fired natural gas industrial air heaters are recognized by farmers around the world for their quality, reliability, ease of use and durability. A unique feature of this series is that, if desired, the 45 and 75 kW models can be connected to a fresh air supply. This prevents dust from accumulating in the burners and more importantly ensures that no harmful exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide are produced.

The quality of industrial heat generators Termobile

THERMOBILE solutions for air heating of poultry farms, pig farms and farms
  • 100% made in the Netherlands

  • High quality materials and components ensure a long service life

  • Robust double wall construction with high quality stainless steel body

  • The possibility of taking fresh air from the inside of the 45 and 75 kW models.

A clean burner is kept clean by drawing in fresh air from outside through the air intake. Fresh air keeps the burner clean, resulting in clean combustion without emissions of CO (carbon monoxide), which is dangerous for both humans and animals. This is especially true when working in dusty environments. Can be optionally equipped with accessories for fresh air connection

  • Moisture- and dust-tight junction box protects the automation from malfunctions

  • Removable outer casing facilitates service work and replacement of spare parts

  • Powerful airflow

  • Additional fan for optimal combustion

  • Standard equipped with an electronic ignition system, an ionization flame control relay, a thermostat connector

  • Supplied with gas connection, thermostat and filter on request

  • The equipment is certified for the Customs Union


From industrial air heaters of indirect heating on natural gas for heating in the market of poultry farms, pig breeding complexes and farms, Termobile can offer the ITLS series. More detailed information can be found in the catalog, which can be downloaded from http://www.thermobile.ru or http://www.otoplenie-kupit.ru

What will you get if you choose Termobile industrial air heaters:

  • Reliable high quality equipment, 100% made in the Netherlands

  • Competitive price

  • High service life

  • Service based partners

  • Possibility of direct purchases from the factory or through dealers

  • Termobile organizes, if necessary, delivery to the destination on the terms of DDP delivery

THERMOBILE solutions for air heating of poultry farms, pig farms and farms

The Dutch company Thermobile Industries BV has been active in the Russian and Belarusian markets for more than 18 years and has equipped more than a dozen poultry farms and pig breeding complexes during this time.

An example would be JSC «Zagorye»-Poultry Farm «Quiet Sosna» in the Belgorod region (Belgorod).

THERMOBILE solutions for air heating of poultry farms, pig farms and farms

In a separate subdivision there are 4 buildings for replacement young animals and 8 operating buildings of the broodstock, equipped with modern equipment for keeping poultry. Microclimate maintenance systems provide optimal conditions for keeping poultry at every stage of its development from day-old chick to adult hen. The air in the building is heated, among other things, by gas heat generators «Thermobile» AGA 111. According to the chief power engineer, heat generators operate smoothly, reliably, and are easy to maintain.

As an example, we can also mention the Mordovskaya JSC poultry farm in the Tambov region (Tambov), the Tomarovsky broiler in the Belgorod region (Belgorod), the Lebyazhye breeding poultry farm in the Leningrad region (St. Petersburg), Ustvolmsky Agroholding LLC, the pig farm in the Novgorod region (Nizhny Novgorod)

How to buy Thermobile equipment?

Visit the company’s website http://www.thermobile.ru or http://www.otoplenie-kupit.ru for more information and write a letter to our e-mail: sales@thermobile.ru

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Source: Thermobile Industries


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