The microclimate of the ice arena is a symbiosis of different temperatures in one room. The complexity of the task lies in the combination of temperature conditions in different directions: the simultaneous creation of comfort for spectators and ice.

The microclimate of the ice arena

Any sports facilities are notable for the complexity in the balanced selection of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The main reason lies in the difference in temperature regimes for spectators and athletes. The temperature conditions of these categories are different. Of particular difficulty is the fact that they must be created in one common building.

Ice arenas complicate this task, since they must combine three different temperature zones:

  • stands;
  • ice cover;
  • internal volume of the arena («bowl»).

In each zone, it is required to create its own microclimate with different temperature parameters.

So, the temperature for the audience should be in the range of 16-18°C. This requires the supply of air with a high temperature in the under-tribune space. At the same time, measures must be taken to eliminate the effects of this flow on the ice surface. Achieving complete separation of air flows is a difficult task.

Another difficulty of the microclimate of ice arenas is the negative impact of moisture contained in the supply air. Upon contact with ice of such a stream with a temperature of 16-18°C and a humidity of 50%, moisture will condense on the surface and freeze. The threat to ice is obvious.

In any case, the «bowl» of the ice arena should have optimal conditions for the athletes and the ice surface. Here it is important to keep in mind that sports results depend on the quality of the ice.

Ice cover temperature and additional heat

The temperature of the ice surface, depending on the type of sporting events, is variable. So, during figure skating competitions, its optimal value is -4°C. At the same time, for hockey, it should be one degree lower. For short track competitions, the ideal temperature will be -7°C.

Technically, providing and observing the temperature conditions of the ice cover does not cause difficulties. But at the same time, we must not forget that one and a half meters above the ice surface, the air temperature should be +13? C. This indicator is set for reasons of creating comfort for athletes.

As you can see, the conditions for creating a microclimate in the «bowl» of the ice arena are tough.

When designing such structures, it is necessary to take into account the sources of internal heat release. The most significant of these will be:

  • people;
  • lighting;
  • technique.

Each of these sources creates additional heat fluxes.

Conclusion — there are two main zones in the ice arena. «Warm» — above the visual stands, and «cold» — above the ice surface.

The task of the designers is to prevent the mixing of air masses with different temperatures in the same room (“bowl”).

Technology for creating an ice arena microclimate

Modern technologies for the construction of such structures ensure the creation of the required microclimate in them. In most cases, during the construction of ice arenas, different methods for calculating the microclimate separately for each zone are used at the design stage.

So, for the under-tribune zone, the general exchange supply and exhaust ventilation system is most acceptable. Additionally, the possibility of heating and cooling the supply air is taken into account.

The design issue is more difficult with the creation of a microclimate directly above the ice cover. One of the options for its solution is the division of air flows into two climatic zones using textile air ducts. Similar solutions have been successfully implemented in many ice arenas.

The microclimate of the ice arena
Air distribution scheme

The practice of building ice arenas shows that it is desirable to entrust the design and construction of ventilation and air conditioning systems of such structures to one company. This wish is especially relevant for the ice cover.

Note. Our experts will provide assistance in creating a microclimate for ice arenas, both during design and at the construction stage. Contact.

Creating an ice arena microclimate is an important component of its successful functioning. Qualitative calculation of all parameters of air flows can only be done by professionals. We are ready to assist you in solving this complex issue.


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