The microclimate inside the bomb shelter: filtration, dehumidification and additional nuances

Why are bomb shelters needed? In order to ensure reliable protection in the event of the use of weapons of mass destruction, the emergence of a military situation, a natural disaster or other catastrophe that threatens people’s lives.

What exactly does this building protect against:

various poisonous substances (bacterial / chemical);

light radiation or a nuclear explosion, namely from a shock wave;

explosions of shells, bombs, air bombs and collapse of buildings;

tornado, hurricane, earthquake, fire, etc.

In order for the bomb shelter to withstand all the “catastrophes”, there are a number of requirements for the construction of such buildings. But in addition to external reliability, it is also important to create comfortable conditions inside the building. After all, they are designed for the stay of a large number of people, for perhaps a very long period of time.

How to properly maintain the microclimate inside the bomb shelter, why you need an air dryer and other nuances about bunkers — read on.

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Microclimate in a bomb shelter: basic requirements

In order to be safe and comfortable in a bomb shelter even for a long time, the following nuances must be taken into account:

Filtration. The bunkers are not provided with a supply of oxygen, that is, the air flow comes from outside and at the same time continuously. Therefore, a special, multi-stage air purification system is needed here, which will create excess pressure inside and high-quality purification of air masses. This will prevent contaminants from getting inside through microcracks and crevices in the building.

*** For one person, if he is at rest, there should be 20 cubic meters of air, for a working person — 50 cubic meters.

Humidity. Bomb shelters are most often built from monolithic reinforced concrete, which attracts moisture. Moreover, a person in itself is a source of moisture (1 person exhales 40 ml of water per hour), therefore, with a large number of people, it is impossible to avoid high humidity inside the bunker.

How to deal with damp? It is necessary to make good waterproofing and install a domestic or industrial dehumidifier inside the bomb shelter (depending on the area of ​​u200bu200bthe building and the number of people there). By type, models of both the adsorption principle of operation and compressor with floor or wall mounting are suitable. The ideal option is a dehumidifier with a mixture of fresh air.

Extra options amenities: power supply, water supply, sewerage, heating system, as well as goods necessary to maintain human life (medicines, drinking water supplies, food). Such «amenities» are essential, especially when people stay in the bunker for a long time.

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We made a selection of photos of modern bomb shelters, which are significantly different from the usual bunkers:

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