The best way to eliminate significant problems in the production of dairy products

Processes of quality deterioration in the production of dairy products is a rather serious problem due to the fact that many start-up entrepreneurs do not know how to solve such a problem on their own, as a result, they turn to methods that are not only the most inefficient, but also lead to large expenditures of money. At the same time, it is worth paying close attention to the operation of equipment in workshops, and all because in incorrect working conditions, any device tends to wear out quickly. That is why, in today’s article, we will talk about how to independently improve the quality of manufactured dairy products and extend the life of any equipment.

Thus, in order to achieve all these goals, it is necessary to create optimal microclimate conditions in the production room. The microclimate of the room is a very serious factor in the manufacture of absolutely any product, since the increased level of humidity in the room is a real threat to the entire enterprise.

What is the effect of high humidity levels

Incorrect normalization of the increased level of humidity in the room during the manufacture of dairy products leads to the following problems, such as:

1. Clumping and sticking of products during their transportation. Ingredients such as sugar, salt, cream powder and others tend to lose their properties with increased moisture during storage, due to the fact that moisture enters the products. Such conditions often lead to an increase in the duration of production and loss of quality.

2. The presence of mold and various bacteria in production conditions. Mold, is a consequence of the formation of condensate on all surfaces of the equipment, walls and ceilings of the room. At the same time, mold with uncontrolled air humidity will eventually cause the appearance of a fungus. Moreover, the fungus itself will not only spoil food, which will become unusable, but also due to its properties, namely the release of harmful substances, it will have a very negative effect on the health of employees.

3. Problems during the packaging of products. With an increased level of air humidity, it becomes almost impossible to pack food, because of which, the work process will only increase.

4. The appearance of frost, ice, snow coats during the operation of freezers. At the same time, after a large amount of ice formed, the freezer will have to be defrosted, and this process takes about a day, which of course only negatively affects the entire production work.

5. Unstable operation of all electronic devices in the enterprise. High humidity in the room forms condensate on any equipment, due to which moisture gradually tends to penetrate into the structure. In this case, any device will initially become unstable and sometimes stop working, and eventually get damaged, which will lead to repair.

In order to get rid of such problems, the most optimal solution would be the use of industrial dehumidifiers of adsorption type. CElSIUS MDH90 90Л popular European company Desiccant Technologies Group.

Why is it advantageous to use Desiccant Technologies Group dehumidifiers?

When using industrial air dryers, any production, namely manufacturers of dairy products, will be able to obtain the following results, such as:

1. High performance air dryer with low power consumption.

2. Work at the lowest temperatures regardless of environmental conditions.

3. Ease in the process of installation, which will allow you to install the unit in any place in the production room.

4. Light weight and compact design of the air dryer.

5. Absolute automation of the entire process of the device.

6. Resistant to corrosion and other harmful factors due to the corrosion-resistant housing.

Desiccant Technologies Group is a world-famous European company manufacturing the latest, high-tech industrial dehumidifiers that are used to normalize the high level of indoor air humidity. It is worth noting that the company itself began its activity back in 2003, and throughout the whole time it has proved its worthy reputation with quality and reliability. At the same time, the company’s developers annually introduce the latest technologies for the operation of air dryers to the world to achieve less costly work with high results.

The use of air dehumidification technology in cooling chambers and industrial premises makes it possible to achieve the recommended relative air humidity RH<70%. At any temperature.

The use of industrial dehumidifiers of the adsorption type from the developers of the Desiccant Technologies Group ensures efficient high performance in the process of manufacturing dairy products and continuous stabilization of the increased level of air humidity in the industrial premises.

How exactly does an air dryer work?

The device passes moist air through the rotor, after which all water molecules are adsorbed and transferred to the silica gel rotor. Ultimately, the second rotor dehumidifies the moist air with the help of the air flow and heats it up, transferring it back to the room. It is also worth noting that the incoming dry air will be several degrees higher than the original one. Currently, air dryers can reduce production costs by several times and ensure the long-term operation of all equipment in an industrial building. In the event that you decide to purchase an air dryer from the European manufacturer Desiccant Technologies Group, we recommend that you go to the pages of our website and choose the appropriate model. Now, anyone who wants to buy a high-quality and reliable device for normalizing high humidity in a room can do it on their own on our website at the lowest prices in Ukraine.


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