Stove buleryan

Sooner or later in the life of any summer resident, the question arises — how to heat your country house as quickly and at the lowest cost as possible? There is no better way to do it right than to install a buleryan stove in the country. In essence, the Buleryan long-burning stove is the same potbelly stove, but modified, and therefore much more economical.

Buleryan heating furnace: device

The design of the Buleryan furnace is a barrel-shaped body, welded from steel, in which a firebox is mounted, consisting of two tiers. Air ducts in the amount of seven pieces pass through this furnace, made in the form of pipes bent towards the center of the furnace. The furnace body also has a fuel supply door, an air regulator and a smoke damper — all as in a conventional solid fuel furnace. But there is no pallet for removing ash in the Buleryan furnace, since the fuel burns out completely during operation. Such a furnace can work on any solid fuel: coal, briquettes or wood.

Buleryan heating furnace: principle of operation

As is known, air has a much lower heat capacity than liquid media. That is why, using a conventional stove without water heating to heat a small room, you can reach a comfortable temperature much faster. The heating of the air will be the faster, the larger the area of ​​​​its contact with the surface of the furnace. The increase in this area in the Buleryan furnace is achieved through a system of air ducts. The principle of operation of the furnace for giving buleryan is as follows: solid fuel is placed in the lower chamber of the furnace, during the combustion of which gases are formed that burn in the upper chamber of the furnace. At the exit from the furnace, the temperature of the heated air reaches about 110-120°C. Thanks to this, even the smallest stove is capable of heating about 4 cubic meters of air in one minute. There are two modes of operation of the Buleryan stove:

  1. Kindling or fast heating mode. In this mode, fuel is placed in the furnace in small portions and added as needed.
  2. Gasification mode. The stove is switched to this mode in half an hour — forty minutes after the kindling mode, after the air in the room has warmed up sufficiently. To transfer the Buleryan furnace to the gasification mode, its firebox should be completely filled with dry logs and tightly closed. The closing angle of the dampers is adjusted in such a way that the air flow entering the furnace is minimal. As a result of these manipulations, the fuel in the furnace will not burn, but smolder. The air temperature at the stove outlet will become lower — 55-60°С instead of 110-120°С. One bookmark of fuel is enough to keep the room warm for 10-12 hours.

How to install the Buleryan oven?

Like any heating device, the Buleryan stove needs proper installation and compliance with the operating rules:

  1. A sufficiently large room is required to install the Buleryan furnace: the distance from the furnace body buleryan principle of operationthe nearest wall or any object should not be less than 1 meter. If such a distance cannot be maintained, the walls near the furnace must be sheathed with sheets of metal to a height not less than the height of the furnace.
  2. To avoid a fire, it is not worth installing buleryan directly on the floor. It is better to install the oven on a stand made of refractory material.
  3. The chimney for buleryan should be led to a height of at least 3 meters from the top edge of the stove. It is done due to the fact that the fuel in the furnace does not burn out completely and the furnace pipes smoke in any weather. As a chimney, you can use a small diameter metal pipe or fold a red brick chimney.


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