Creating the necessary microclimate in the premises of an accurate climate is not an easy task. Such premises include server rooms, computer rooms, automatic telephone exchanges, museums, art galleries, book depositories, some production shops for the production of electronic or pharmacological products (“clean rooms”), etc. For the design of engineering systems of such premises, a detailed Terms of Reference is required, which specifies the requirements for indoor air parameters and ways to achieve them. The heating system is designed to maintain the required temperature during the cold season. Let’s consider some aspects concerning the organization of heating in rooms with an exact climate.

For such premises, in addition to the internal temperature, parameters such as composition, purity and air mobility are important. In this regard, for heating rooms with an exact climate, heating devices are used that are not difficult to clean from dust and do not create directed convective flows. For these purposes, the most suitable radiators with a smooth surface.

It is also possible to use the heating system «warm floor». To create a water system for underfloor heating, pipe loops are laid in the floor structure. You can use pipes from various materials: metal-plastic, polyethylene and even copper. The water temperature in the underfloor heating system does not exceed 40-50 o C, therefore, special mixing units are provided. A circulation pump is used to circulate water through pipes.

The «warm floor» system can also be electric. In this case, instead of pipes for the passage of water, a special electrical cable is laid in the floor structure. The disadvantages of such a system include the relatively high cost of electricity.

Popular Models

Heat-insulating molded mats Knauf Therm

Mounting mat system with Oventrop NP 35-2 bosses

Water heated floor Thermotech

Underfloor heating and cable heating systems: all models

In «clean rooms» it is also possible to organize central air heating . When using a central air heating system, the composition (inflow of outside air, cleaning), temperature and air mobility can be maintained at the level of the required values. The air is heated in the heater ventilation unit , is cleaned in air filters and enters the room through the air duct system. The heated air enters the room, mixes with the surrounding air and cools down to its temperature. To reduce energy costs, part of the intake air is returned back to the room (recirculation). The amount of outside air is determined by the sanitary norm of supply per person, or according to technological requirements.

Once again, it is worth noting that the creation of the required microclimate in «clean» rooms is a responsible matter and requires a professional approach. The help of specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of equipment is simply necessary. An organization or firm that can be entrusted with such a task must have the appropriate licenses and experience in creating an accurate indoor climate.

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