Screens for heating radiators

Screens for heating radiators will perfectly ennoble your batteries, moreover, adding style to the design of your apartment. Of course, if you make the right choice among all the screens that the modern market offers us.

Most often they buy screens for cast-iron radiators, which look, to put it mildly, not very stylish and very cumbersome. Such batteries do not add style to the apartment at all and do not make it more attractive. And if you are still reluctant to change batteries to modern aluminum or steel ones, then screens for them are the best way out. In addition, the screen for the battery will play a protective role. But sometimes screens are also purchased for newer batteries, although they do not spoil the designs at all. Nevertheless, decorative screens for radiators add zest to the interior, you can’t take that away from them.

How to choose a battery screen?

So, let’s look into this issue and consider which of the many screens offered to us on the market are the best. But first, let’s see what criteria are the most important when choosing a screen.

  1. The screen should not block access to flushing taps for cast iron batteries.
  2. Also, the screen should not block access to chokes or valves, because at the beginning of the heating season or at the end of it, you may need to adjust the temperature.
  3. Since cast iron batteries may need repair due to leakage between sections, it is desirable that the screen can be easily removed. In this, of course, hanging screens on the battery are ideal.
  4. And last but not least, the screens should in no case greatly impede heat transfer, otherwise you may freeze in the apartment, and then the batteries will somehow lose their meaning.

We figured out the main criteria for choosing a screen and there were very few of them. Now let’s go directly to the varieties of the screens themselves and see which ones are the best.

Metal screens for radiators

Metal screens are made of steel or aluminum mesh. The larger the cell size, the better the heat transfer will be. The advantage of such screens is that the metal has a high thermal conductivity, due to which the screens, when heated, begin to give off heat themselves, that is, “work as a battery”. But still, the heat transfer will be somewhat reduced.

Wooden screens for radiators

Wooden screens are, so to speak, already classics of the genre. They will perfectly fit into almost any interior and will become its wonderful decoration. They do not particularly interfere with heat transfer, their design is the most diverse. In addition, it is convenient that wooden screens are usually made attached and, if the need arises, they can be easily removed.

Glass screens for radiators

Such screens are most often a construction of a rectangular thick sheet of glass, which is held on steel holders. The glass screen covers the battery from the front, leaving space on the top and sides. It does not interfere with heat dissipation, has a pleasant and stylish appearance, and it is also quite easy to dismantle it.

Plastic screen for battery

decorative screens for radiators

The plastic screen is the most inexpensive among its relatives, but it has much more disadvantages. It strongly prevents heat transfer, and it is also much more short-lived compared to other screens. But on the other hand, it is quickly removed from the radiator, and besides, it is very light.

How to mount the screen on the battery?

You can find the entire process of installing the screen on the battery in the instructions. In principle, installing a screen is not a particularly difficult task if you follow all the instructions, but if you do not have experience or skill, then it is better to contact a specialist who will install everything correctly and quickly.

Screens for heating radiators are a great design solution for your apartment. Most importantly, do not forget — make the right choice.


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