The article discusses the 15 best models of ultrasonic and steam, classic and other humidifiers. The rating will help you choose the perfect humidifier for your home.

Classic Humidifiers

Classic humidifiers attract with their simple and clear design. The principle of operation of the humidifier is to pass the air flow through a wet filter — a paper cassette, which is saturated with water from the tank and evaporates into the external environment with moist air through the fan. Such models work almost silently and safely. The disadvantage is the regular need to replace paper filters.

Fanline VE400

This model has a low cost and a number of advantages. The pre-filter consists of a plastic decorative grid and a mesh filter. Polluted air is sucked in through it. The filter can be easily removed and cleaned of dirt under running water. The model guarantees high quality air purification, the possibility of using additives for smell and aromatherapy, including sea salt and aromatic oils. The equipment is easy to maintain, consumes little electricity, does not require the use of purified water.


  • power — 25 W;
  • service area — 30 sq. m;
  • water consumption — 410 ml / h;
  • productivity — from 100 to 150 cubic meters. m/h;
  • dimensions — 31x27x43 cm;
  • weight — 4 kg.

The device is especially suitable for people who need clean air — the design allows the use of HEPA type filter materials with a filter mesh. The humidifier comes with a remote control. Power and humidification are indicated by two indicators. Using the remote control, the user can control the temperature and humidity of the air, adjust the fan speed, and see the air temperature.

Model Fanline VE400

The average price of equipment is 9,500 rubles.

Philips HU 4706

A new modern model that provides a favorable microclimate in a small room. The advantage of this technique is the presence of an antibacterial humidifying filter, which is able to raise the humidity to a level of 40-60%, as well as purify the air from dust, animal hair, dust mites-saprophytes. This is a budget model that successfully copes with its task.

What are the features of a humidifier?

  • power consumption — 14 W;
  • serviced area — 25 sq. m;
  • tank capacity — 1.3 l;
  • water consumption — 150 ml / h;
  • noise level — 40 dB;
  • dimensions — 31x16x20 cm;
  • weight — 1.4 kg.

The device automatically turns off if there is little or no water in it. For humidification, the use of water of any quality is acceptable, since traditional appliances do not leave plaque on furniture and interior items.

Model Philips HU 4706

The average cost of this model is 5,800 rubles.

Boneco W2055DR

This is an expensive model, equipped with many functions and modes, including automatic maintenance of the required level of air humidity based on temperature. The advantages of this humidifier include special lighting, a change of relaxing colors, which helps to calm and relieve stress. The humidifier is equipped with a volumetric reservoir.

Model specifications:

  • power consumption — 20 W;
  • serviced area — 50 sq. m;
  • control type — electronic;
  • cleaning filters — hydrofiltration;
  • tank volume — 7 l;
  • water consumption — 300 ml / h;
  • noise level — 25 dB;
  • functions — hygrostat, humidity regulator, ionizer, fragrance, night mode, filter contamination indicator;
  • display — yes;
  • dimensions — 36x36x36 cm;
  • weight — 5.9 kg.

The model will automatically turn off if there is no water in the tank. The device is equipped with a remote control, which makes operation simple and comfortable. The tank is illuminated so that the user can see how much water is left in it. The presence of a timer provides convenient control — the user can independently adjust the time to turn off the device.

Model Boneco W2055DR

The average price of a humidifier is 25,000 rubles.

Philips AC 4080

A model that provides high-quality purification and humidification of indoor air up to 30 sq. m. The purifier is equipped with a special sensor that reacts to all existing air pollution and activates the necessary filters.

The device is equipped with a multi-level filtration system, consisting of pre-filter, carbon, humidifier and HEPA filters. The pre-filter helps to retain large particles, carbon and HEPA filters are designed to purify the air from small particles, including the elimination of unpleasant odors and tobacco smoke.

General characteristics of the model:

  • power consumption — 60 W;
  • control type — electronic;
  • humidification — water;
  • water consumption — 300 ml / h;
  • productivity — 210 cubic meters. m/h;
  • noise level — 36 dB;
  • dimensions — 60.5×36.5×21 cm;
  • weight — 8.3 kg.

The unit has an automatic cleaner mode, hygrostat, humidity controller, night mode. The indicator notifies about the contamination of the filter, and in the absence of water, the device turns off. The model is equipped with a sleep timer.

Model Philips AC 4080

The average price of a humidifier is 31,700 rubles.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers are considered the most popular, because they work silently, are characterized by compact size, low cost and minimal power consumption. The devices are safe, and therefore they are often used in the children’s room — ultrasonic humidifiers do not interfere with the baby’s sleep.

Often ultrasonic models have an additional function of air ionization. On choosing a humidifier with an ionization function, you can read a separate article here.

Electrolux EHU-3310D

This model has a stylish design, so it looks good in any interior. The humidifier provides a comfortable indoor climate. With the help of an ultraviolet lamp, the water used for humidification is sterilized, and mineral substances are also cleaned. This allows the air to become soft and pleasant to breathe.

Model specifications:

  • power consumption — 105 W;
  • indication — switching on, power, lack of water, operating mode, set humidity, humidity level in the room;
  • functions — on timer, water softening;
  • recommended area for humidification — up to 50 square meters. m;
  • maximum productivity — 400 g / h;
  • the volume of the water tank is 5.5 l;
  • noise level — 25 dB;
  • internal illumination of the tank — yes;
  • number of modes — 5;
  • sound signal — yes;
  • control — touch panel;
  • maximum operating time — up to 13 hours;
  • water purification filter / built-in flavor — yes;
  • ionization chamber — yes;
  • modes — children’s, night, warm steam, automatic maintenance of humidity, water disinfection;
  • power cord length — 1.5 m;
  • dimensions — 36.7×22.7×15.2 cm;
  • weight — 2.7 kg.

The ionization function helps to refresh stale air. Negatively charged ions effectively purify the air of most pathogens. The model is equipped with a convenient remote control, so the user can control the device from a distance. Manufacturers have taken care of automatically maintaining the optimal microclimate, taking into account temperature and other factors.

Model Electrolux EHU-3310D

The average cost of the device is 9,000 rubles.

Ballu UHB-310

Inexpensive humidifier designed to improve the microclimate in a room of about 40 square meters. m. The ultrasonic device provides not only humidification, but also silent operation. At maximum speed, a click is occasionally heard, but it does not interfere, because the installation of the device is possible in a children’s room.

Model specifications:

  • cleaning filters — preliminary, for softening water;
  • control — mechanical;
  • functions — the presence of a humidity regulator and flavor, turning off the device in the absence of water, rotation of the evaporator;
  • continuous operation time — 10 hours;
  • water consumption — 300 ml / h;
  • the volume of the water tank is 3 l;
  • power consumption — 25 W;
  • noise level — 38 dB;
  • dimensions — 22.6×17.6×17.6 cm;
  • weight — 1.21 kg.

Of the advantages of technology, mechanical switching of the mode, convenience in filling the water tank, and rotation of the humidifier jet are distinguished. But this model also has disadvantages, they include an insufficiently long cord, which can create inconvenience during installation, as well as the fact that a small puddle appears under the device or on the case cover during intensive use.

Model Electrolux EHU-3310D

The average price of a humidifier is 2,200 rubles.

Polaris PUH 7140

This modern device is designed for domestic use. It is recommended to install in small apartments. If the dwelling is large, you will have to purchase several humidifiers at the same time, since one cannot cope with bulk work. The device is good because, if desired, it will be possible not only to humidify the air, but also to saturate it with pleasant aromas, using additional aromatic oils — a special compartment is provided for this.

Detailed characteristics of the device.

  • the total power of the device is 25 W;
  • volume — 4 l;
  • water consumption — 300 ml / h;
  • continuous operating time — from 12 to 25 hours (depending on the intensity of work);
  • recommended area for humidification — up to 40 square meters. m;
  • number of modes — 4;
  • noise level — 39 dB.

The equipment has a night mode, in which the intensity of steam generation decreases, the operation indicator goes out. This is convenient for light sleepers. In addition, manufacturers have taken care of the function of automatic shutdown of the device in the absence of water or its insufficient quantity, which guarantees the safety of the user and saves the device from damage.

Model Polaris PUH 7140

The average price of a humidifier is 4,400 rubles.

Royal Clima Sanremo (RUH-S380/3.0M)

A compact model that fits any budget. The unit does not provide many functions and features, but it does its job well, in addition, it has a simple and understandable mechanical control, which will ensure ease of use. The technique has a built-in flavor and an ionizer with the ability to turn off.

What characteristics are given to the humidifier:

  • power consumption — 25 W;
  • type of control — mechanical;
  • continuous operating time — 8 hours;
  • the volume of the water tank is 3 l;
  • water consumption — 380 ml / h;
  • power supply — from the network;
  • fan speed / evaporation intensity adjustment — yes;
  • adjustment of the direction of humidification — yes;
  • dimensions (WxHxD) — 17×29.7×16.3 cm;
  • weight — 970 g.

The technique does not cause any difficulties, it is not equipped with expensive replaceable filters. The presence of a pleasant backlight only enhances the appearance of the device and allows you to make sure that it works. Of the minuses, there is a not very powerful aromatization function, slight wetting of the surface when operating at full power, and the moment that the use of purified water is recommended to extend the service life.

Model Royal Clima Sanremo (RUH-S380/3.0M)

The average price of a humidifier is 1,800 rubles.

Steam humidifiers

Steam humidifiers are considered the best in terms of power. They have a simple principle of operation: they evaporate water under the action of electrodes immersed in water. After the current is passed through the electrodes, the water boils and evaporates. Such devices are valued for high efficiency of humidification, rapid rise in humidity and removal of harmful bacteria. Among the shortcomings, low safety is distinguished, because there is a risk of getting burned by hot steam.

You can read about the effect of a humidifier on the human body here.

Boneco S450

A complete steam humidifier with good power and the ability to serve a room up to 60 square meters. m. Manufacturers have provided a hygrostat, a timer, a display and a demineralizing cartridge. Buyers highlight fast and high-quality humidification, the presence of a large water tank and the absence of consumables. The disadvantages include the strong noise of technology and the high cost.

Technical characteristics of equipment:

  • power consumption — 480 W;
  • the volume of the water tank is 7 l;
  • water consumption — 550 ml / h;
  • control type — touch;
  • noise level — 35 dB;
  • modes — for automatic descaling, AUTO and ECON (automatically selects the optimal level of steam at the outlet);
  • dimensions — 35.5×33.4×24 cm;
  • weight — 4.5 kg.

The steam humidifier is easy to maintain — no special maintenance is required. The technique attracts with high productivity, intensive vaporization and the function of aromatization of the room. A serious advantage is the ability to use a humidifier for hot inhalations. Specialists have developed an innovative LED display with touch control, it is equipped with the Auto Dim Function. The display has a built-in light intensity sensor.

Model Boneco S450

The average cost of a humidifier is 17,000 rubles.

Beurer LB 50

This is a compact device at an affordable price. Manufacturers took care of the mechanical control with the help of rotary controls, and equipped the equipment with a demineralizing cartridge and an aromatization function. Unlike numerous steam humidifiers, the disadvantage of which is a lot of noise, this model works quietly, which is noted by most of the users.

The device is characterized by the following parameters:

  • power consumption — 380 W;
  • serviced area — 40 sq. m;
  • the volume of the water tank is 5 l;
  • water consumption — 350 ml / h;
  • power source — network;
  • indication — low water level;
  • overall dimensions (WxHxD) — 28×31.5×23.5 cm;
  • weight — 2.8 kg.

The advantages of the device include automatic shutdown when there is a lack of water level, quick cleaning of the case, a silent fan, overheating protection and a forced shutdown function. The humidifier is equipped with pads against premature scale formation.

Model Beurer LB 50

The average cost of equipment is 6,400 rubles.

Stadler Form Fred F-005EH

This is a device that attracts attention not only with its modern design, but also with its high performance. Recommended for offices, apartments and indoor installations. The humidifier is equipped with an anti-limestone cartridge that can protect furniture and other appliances from the formation of white deposits. The technique is good because when water is boiled in the tank, all viruses and bacteria are destroyed — this contributes to a high level of hygienic protection for all residents of the house.

Parameters of this model:

  • power consumption — 300 W;
  • service area — 40 sq. m;
  • water tank capacity — 3.7 l;
  • water consumption — 360 ml / h;
  • type of control — mechanical;
  • hygrostat (humidity control) — yes;
  • noise level — 26 dB;
  • dimensions — 26.7×36.3×36.3 cm;
  • weight — 3.4 kg.

If there is a lack or absence of water in the tank, the device automatically turns off, as indicated by a special No water indicator. The technique glows attractively at night, due to which it becomes an additional night light, while moisturizing the air. The disadvantages of many users include high cost, hot steam at the outlet, which is unsafe, and the fact that the device needs constant descaling.

Model Stadler Form Fred F-005EH

The average price of the Stadler Form Fred F-005EH humidifier is 11,000 rubles.

The best budget models

It is not always possible to purchase an expensive humidifier filled with numerous functions and modes. But the chance to find a budget model that does its job well is quite real.

Energy EN-615

An inexpensive humidifier that combines a good set of features and ease of maintenance. It works as quietly as possible, suitable for creating a favorable microclimate in small rooms. There are no difficulties with work, despite the mechanical type of control.

Technical characteristics of the humidifier «Energy»:

  • power consumption — 25 W;
  • serviced area — 25 sq. m;
  • duration of work — 8 hours;
  • tank capacity — 2.6 l;
  • water consumption — 300 ml / h;
  • noise level — 35 dB;
  • dimensions — 19.7x24x19.8 cm.

The user can independently adjust the evaporation rate and fan speed. The appliance will not work if it runs out of water. The humidifier is characterized by an attractive design, therefore it will decorate any interior.

Model Energy EN-615

The average cost of an Energy EN-615 humidifier is 900 rubles.

NeoClima NHL-250L

The device has good power and copes well with the tasks — the air in the room becomes humidified, and even the smallest particles of pollution and dust are absent in it. The technique is suitable for small spaces, it will be ideal for a bedroom or a children’s room — the noise level is minimal.

What characteristics attracts the device:

  • power consumption — 25 W;
  • serviced area — 20 sq. m;
  • tank capacity (volume) — 2.5 l;
  • water consumption — 260 ml / h;
  • control — mechanical;
  • noise level — 35 dB;
  • dimensions — 35×14.5×14.5 cm;
  • weight — 830 g.

The humidifier provides aromatization of the air, due to which the device will fill the room with pleasant smells. Manufacturers have taken care of the ability to regulate the intensity of steam. The model is equipped with a water level sensor, operation indicator and LED-backlight.

Model NeoClima NHL-250L

On average, the cost of the device is 1,400 rubles.

The best premium humidifiers

Premium-class humidifiers are made using different technologies and vary greatly in technical characteristics, but at the same time they are equally reliable, efficient, innovative and technologically advanced. The price is high, but the work that the devices provide is worth it.

Boneco H680

This is a powerful humidifier designed for a large area. The device is able to work in automatic mode, determining the presence of pollution in the house. The equipment is equipped with an air quality sensor, depending on the pollution, the device begins to independently adjust the cleaning speed. The model is equipped with a HYBRID filter, consisting of a HEPA filter with a carbon layer — it helps to trap all allergens, dust and other contaminants. The carbon layer effectively eliminates unpleasant odors and tobacco smoke.

Model parameters:

  • power consumption — 30 W;
  • serviced area — 100 sq. m;
  • control — electronic;
  • water tank capacity — 10 l;
  • productivity — 300 cubic meters. m/h;
  • number of cleaning steps — 5;
  • noise level — 25 dB;
  • functions — on / off timer, fan speed adjustment, built-in hygrostat, relative humidity adjustment, air aromatization, air ionization;
  • display — yes;
  • indication — filter contamination indicator, device cleaning indicator, power indicator, low water level indicator, backlight, indication of relative air humidity, indication of air temperature;
  • dimensions — 34.7×43.5×49 cm;
  • weight — 10.4 kg.

Manufacturers have taken care of the presence of a remote control and a panel on the device. The model provides night mode, automatic mode and HYBRID function. There is also a BABY room mode.

Model Boneco H680

The average price of such a model is 60,000 rubles.

Dyson AM10

This model has a modern design. The device is made of high quality materials, which guarantees a long service life. The humidifier is equipped with a transparent reservoir, due to which it will be possible to control the water level in it. Although the model is not designed to purify the air, but it does a good job of moisturizing. In automatic mode, the unit is able to independently select the optimal intensity of work, depending on the temperature and humidity of the surrounding air. Ease of operation provides a convenient remote control.

General characteristics:

  • device type — ultrasonic;
  • humidification power — 55 W;
  • ventilation power — 40 W;
  • serviced area — 30 sq. m;
  • control — electronic;
  • water tank capacity — 3 l;
  • noise level (humidification / ventilation) — 57 dB / 62 dB;
  • auto-off timer — from 1 to 18 hours;
  • dimensions — 57.9x24x13.5 cm;
  • weight — 3.4 kg.

The user does not have to change filters, since they are completely absent. There are no special requirements for water, because the device is equipped with a built-in ultraviolet lamp that disinfects any water.

Model Dyson AM10

The average price of the model is 35,000 rubles.

Today, there are many models of humidifiers that differ in technical characteristics, external qualities, feature set and price category. Among this number there is a model for any budget and taste preferences.


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