PUZERAre you dusting or dusting?

Have you noticed myriads of dust particles dancing merrily in a sunbeam after cleaning with an ordinary vacuum cleaner? And the specific smell of «purity»?

The main problem is dust. And no matter how much you use a vacuum cleaner and a rag, after a while the “cultural layer” is back in place. It’s hard to believe, but the more you collect dust with a conventional vacuum cleaner, the more microdust is added to the air! This is dust (less than 0.3 microns in size), the particles of which are not retained even by the multi-stage filters of the most technically advanced vacuum cleaners (including water ones), otherwise the air could not pass through them at all. The vacuum cleaner pumps them through the filter and dust bag and “drives” around the apartment. So it turns out that even after the most thorough cleaning in the room, in the literal sense, «the dust is a pillar.» PUZERAll this time we breathe it. Every day, our lungs filter out 2 tablespoons of dust, which the immune system spends 80% of its resources on neutralizing. Gain up to 20 kg per year! Harmful dust particles freely penetrate the lungs and are absorbed into the blood. Unfortunately, this dust is not at all safe for health. Allergists are convinced that the most dangerous profession is not for miners, but for housewives, doomed to household allergies — from chronic rhinitis to bronchial asthma. And, according to the Institute of Immunology, every third inhabitant of Russia is prone to allergies.

What to advise?

We need to reconsider our approach to dust removal!

PUZERThe ideal solution to the problem is to install a modern built-in PUZER vacuum cleaner.

«Built-in», «central», «stationary» — all these are the names of the same cleaning system.

Due to the fact that the vacuum cleaner does «breath» in the apartment and «exhalation» — outside, the home atmosphere is quickly cleared of dust and dirt.

In such a device in the apartment there is only a hose with a nozzle. The vacuum cleaner itself, the size of a 20-liter water heater, is installed in the basement, on a glazed loggia, in a pantry — in a word, in any utility room. Whole PUZERintake air, and with it the most harmful for good health microdust smells, viruses, bacteria, smoke — withdrawn through the outlet pipe out of the house . Thus, 100% removal of all dust and «old» air occurs in the cleaning zone. Constant operation of the central vacuum cleaner will make the air in your house ten times cleaner!

Imagine ordinary household electrical wiring, only instead of an electric meter — the vacuum cleaner itself, instead of wires — pipes mounted in walls, floors or behind false ceilings, instead of sockets — valves to which a cleaning hose with nozzles is connected.

You will forget about those «joys of life» that usually accompany cleaning — the noise of a roaring vacuum cleaner, dragging it along from room to room, getting tangled in electrical wires, etc.

Everything, that You are left with — only connect harvesting hose with socket and you can work. At the same time, the cleaning process itself does not interfere speak at the same time by phone, listen music, watch TV — after all, the unit is located outside the residential area.


The system is electrically safe in circulation, since the voltage in the outlet valve is only 24 volts.

Components of comfort — built-in vacuum cleaner in your home

The built-in dust extraction system blends seamlessly into even the most sophisticated interior.

  • The pipe system is hidden in the walls, floor or above the false ceiling, in decorative boxes.

  • SOCKET VALVES are mounted in the most convenient places for cleaning.< LI>

  • The vacuum cleaner itself is installed in the utility room.

  • Just connect the hose to the socket and Puzer is ready to go!

Dust-free air means a more pleasant home, a higher standard of living for us!


For ease of cleaning, there are attachments for cleaning various surfaces (sofas, blinds, narrow crevices, etc.), an air duster (installed at floor level in the kitchen, hallway or anywhere else you have to clean especially often), as well as a separator for cleaning from the fireplace from the ashes, cleaning the car, glass, cleaning the water.

An example of installing a built-in Puzer vacuum cleaner in a cottage, apartment, office

The built-in vacuum cleaner can be quickly and easily installed both in a house under construction and in a finished house, apartment or office.


Designations in the figure:

  1. built-in Puzer vacuum cleaner

  2. hidden in the false ceiling, anti-static pipes in the walls

  3. rose valves

  4. floor slotted valve

  5. cleaning hose

  6. bypass channel

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