Premium series air conditioners: what is the difference from ordinary analogues and how to choose the best option
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  • 5 important differences between premium models
  • Features of premium air conditioners
  • What brands are engaged in the production of premium air conditioners
  • Split system Daikin FTXG Emura
  • Series of premium Mitsubishi Electric Premium Inverter air conditioners
  • Fujitsu PREMIER air conditioners
  • Split system Toshiba Daiseikai-8
  • Inverter air conditioners Hitachi S-Premium
  • What to look for when buying an air conditioner

Air conditioners have long ceased to be treated as a kind of luxury item. This equipment has become very familiar in everyday life, and today it is used almost everywhere. However, among the huge variety of available split systems and mobile devices, there are truly exclusive models of climate technology that differ from standard air conditioners in a number of important advantages: unique design, functionality, low noise level and other features that make the operation of climate technology as simple as possible, comfortable and enjoyable. Below we will talk about how premium air conditioners differ from similar models in the middle price segment, and also talk about what the flagship models of the most famous brands are like.

5 important differences between premium models

Top air conditioners are difficult to confuse with budget counterparts. They stand out against the general background by the presence of a number of very interesting and useful advantages.

1. Famous brand

Every year, an increasing number of manufacturers appear on the climate technology market, ready to meet the needs of consumers with different budgets. Some of the brands are quite promising and deserve special attention, but many consumers still prefer already well-known brands that have proven themselves on the positive side.

2. Durability

This feature is due to several factors. Firstly, only the best materials are used in the production of premium models. Secondly, factories guarantee strict quality control at all stages of the production of premium devices. Thirdly: top models are necessarily equipped with self-diagnostic systems, which allows you to timely fix any problems, thereby extending the useful life of the device.

3. Economy

Elite conditioners are made taking into account all modern requirements and standards in the field of resource saving. Such devices consume significantly less electricity than their budget counterparts.

4. Functionality

When creating premium series, companies use the latest technological developments and do not spare money to introduce their own innovations. Thanks to this, models with hypoallergenic filters, independent air louvre systems and sensors that analyze the parameters of the surrounding space to select the optimal operating mode appear on the market.

5. Exquisite design

Eminent designers are often involved in the development of premium series. The author’s concept helps to turn an ordinary split system or a mobile air conditioner into a real work of art. However, even if you fail to choose a model from a limited design series, the appearance of premium segment devices will still remain attractive enough to easily fit the purchased climate equipment into any modern and stylish interior.

6. Reduced noise level

The use of high-quality components and well-established technological solutions can significantly reduce the number of decibels during the operation of cassette, wall-mounted and even floor-standing devices. Many of them are recommended for installation in bedrooms and children’s rooms, where silence is extremely important. Premium series air conditioners often operate at 20-25 dB. This is a very low noise level that is barely audible to the human ear. For comparison, the rustle of leaves outside the window is 15 dB, and a whisper at a distance of 1 meter is 20 dB.

Features of premium air conditioners

We have already mentioned in passing that top-end climate control equipment differs from standard models by an abundance of useful options. Now let’s talk about this in more detail and tell you what specific features you can find in premium split systems and mobile air conditioners.

The first thing to highlight is thorough air purification. In premium air conditioners, as a rule, several filtration systems are installed. Some models even offer the possibility of air ionization and its purification from allergens.

Premium series air conditioners are also distinguished by a wide range of protective functions. Thanks to this, the devices tolerate power surges well and are not afraid of polluted and gassed air. They can work for several days or weeks without requiring user intervention.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the additional options of flagship models. Of course, the functions differ from series to series, but all manufacturers strive to develop a solution that would satisfy the user’s needs to the maximum and provide simplicity, ease of use. That is why the top models of climate technology are often equipped with frost protection, a self-diagnosis option, the ability to automatically correct the direction of cooled or heated air flows, the function of setting a schedule for several days in advance, and other useful features.

What brands are engaged in the production of premium air conditioners

The HVAC market is very diverse. In Russia, it is represented mainly by models of Japanese and Chinese production. Finding an air conditioner of European and especially American brands is sometimes difficult. At the same time, some of the companies are focused on only one segment of consumers. However, more and more often, enterprises are striving to cover as many market niches as possible, and therefore offer models of different classes: from very budget to flagship premium ones.

You can choose a good climate technology that meets the highest standards from the range of the following manufacturers.

  1. Daikin.
  2. Mitsubishi Electric.
  3. Mitsubishi Heavy.
  4. Fujitsu.
  5. Toshiba.
  6. Hitachi Ltd.

All these brands have almost a century of history of formation and development, they have a high level of trust among consumers from different countries. As a rule, companies have several separate productions and even a number of independent trade names, segmenting the assortment into premium devices and ordinary mass market models. For example, Daikin has factories in Malaysia, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Belgium. On the territory of the first two states from this list, economy-class equipment is produced. But the production of Daikin premium air conditioners is concentrated in the Czech Republic and Belgium. Therefore, when choosing climate equipment, you need to focus not only on the brand name, but also on the place of assembly of a particular model, as well as on a number of other important technical features, which we will discuss at the end of this article. In the meantime, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the features of premium models from different brands.

Split system Daikin FTXG Emura

Emura premium series air conditioners perfectly combine innovation and beautiful design. This line includes inverter split systems, which are highly energy efficient. Compared to analogues, they consume 30% less electricity. The seasonal energy efficiency class (SEER) corresponds to category A+++.

The Daikin Emura Premium Air Conditioner is available in two finishes: pure white and silver panel. The case with smooth and thin lines in the interior looks like a holistic design element. The stylish Daikin Emura comes with an equally aesthetically pleasing remote control with glass buttons and a glass display.

The air conditioner uses freon R-32. This refrigerant is considered one of the most ozone friendly and energy efficient. During the operation of the air conditioner, the noise level does not exceed 19 dB, and the dual-zone Intelligent Eye sensor determines where people are located in the room and directs the flow of cold air away from them. The system provides for several stages of air purification. There is also an anti-allergic filter containing silver ions.

Daikin FTXG20LW / RXG20L
160 900rub

Series of premium Mitsubishi Electric Premium Inverter air conditioners

The models presented in this line are distinguished by a stylish laconic design and an unusual color palette, which includes silver, jet black and rich red. The outer panel has a pleasant metal texture, emphasizing the modernity of the look and its special charisma.

Air conditioners of the Premier Inverter series have the following set of interesting features:

  • plasma air purification;
  • system of independent air shutters for comfortable heat exchange;
  • 3D I-SEE to protect people in the room from cold streams;
  • built-in WiFi.

The internal components of the Mitsubishi Electric Premier Inverter have a special Hybrid Dual Barrier Coating. It protects against the appearance of unpleasant odors, and also allows the components of the device to remain clean for as long as possible.

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN25VGR / MUZ-LN25VG

Fujitsu PREMIER air conditioners

In the range of household split systems, this model stands out for its environmental friendliness, economy and functionality. It is recommended even for installation in children’s rooms, as it remains completely silent during operation. The Fujitsu PREMIER air conditioner runs on energy-efficient and ozone-friendly R32 refrigerant, and in terms of resource consumption it belongs to the A +++ class. Fujitsu’s developers have achieved high energy efficiency through the use of a fan with an increased diameter, a Human Sensor and a high-density hybrid heat exchanger. Among other features of the series, one can single out the original design, which was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award.

140 850rub

Split system Toshiba Daiseikai-8

Toshiba premium air conditioners combine maximum efficiency, stylish appearance and perfect air purification. Contaminants entering the filtration system are destroyed by a plasma ionizer, and negatively charged ions bind dust, allergens and bacteria.

Devices of the Daiseikai-8 series are the first among household split systems to receive the function of a weekly timer. The temperature regime and other parameters can be programmed for 7 days in advance. As befits a premium air conditioner, the Daiseikai-8 has a low noise level. In night mode, it does not exceed 20 dB.

Inverter air conditioners Hitachi S-Premium

Due to the inclusion of a rotary compressor in the design, these split systems operate almost silently. Due to the use of inverter technology, temperature switching and air supply occur as smoothly as possible. In addition, built-in sensors allow the air conditioner to track the movement of people, and based on the data received, provide maximum comfort in the room. S-Premium models also have a convenient standby heating function. With its help, the air conditioner will maintain a stable +10 degrees in a country house or apartment, even when the thermometer drops to -20 outside the window. This will protect living rooms from freezing and help save on full heating.

Hitachi RAK-18PSB / RAC-18WSB
98 700rub

What to look for when buying an air conditioner

Most buyers are accustomed to focus primarily on the price of household appliances. As a rule, only after determining the boundaries of the optimal budget does the comparison of the characteristics of different models that fit into its framework begin. So that this stage does not cause severe difficulties, you can use a short checklist of those criteria that you need to pay attention to in the first place.

  1. Energy efficiency. The higher it is, the less you have to pay for electricity, without losing the power of the device. Energy efficiency classes have their own symbol. Premium models generally meet A++ and A+++ criteria.
  2. Power. It is calculated individually depending on the area of ​​the serviced premises and the total amount of heat energy coming from different sources.
  3. Noise level. The lower it is, the better. For bedrooms and children’s rooms, the ideal threshold is 19-22 acoustic decibels (dBa).
  4. Degree of filtration. Advanced models are able to boast a multi-stage air purification system, which can additionally be ionized and disinfected.
  5. Possibility of automatic operation. If the air conditioner can independently maintain the desired temperature or is able to turn on / off according to the time settings, then this will allow you to save on electricity, and the operation process itself will become much easier.

In addition to these 5 key parameters, there are a number of other criteria, the significance of which is determined on an individual basis. Such a characteristic is, for example, design. In most cases, consumers still take into account the appearance of the air conditioner, but for some this parameter is almost irrelevant and can go to the background, or even to the third plan.

If you are at a loss with the selection of climate control equipment, contact iClim employees for help. Since 2008, the company has been supplying air conditioners and other equipment, designing and maintaining engineering systems. Over the years of practice, quite a lot of experience has been accumulated, which allows us to accurately guess the needs of the client and select the best technical solutions for them.


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