Despite the fact that the calendar summer started quite recently, and its first month has just passed the middle, hot weather in many regions of Russia was established in May, opening the season of active sales of climate control equipment. Of course, it is still too early to sum up the season, but intermediate conclusions can already be drawn. TopClimat.ru asked the leading distributors of climate control equipment and the largest retail chains to comment on the situation and tell how actively air conditioners are being sold this year.

Ilya Volkov, General Director of the company «BIOKOND», GC «AYAK»

It is still too early to draw any conclusions. Only at the end of August it will be possible to say whether the season was a success or not. This also applies to peak sales. To understand whether he has passed or the best days are yet to come, we will be able only at the end of summer. Yes, in May there was a lot of work, in a certain period there was a flurry of calls. This was due to the first heat, with a sharp increase in daytime temperatures. However, usually the peak of consumer demand falls on a period when high night temperatures are observed for several days in a row. Because when the day is + 25-27C, most people feel quite comfortable. But if the temperature does not drop by night, then the person feels severe discomfort, it is hot, stuffy to sleep. Then he realizes he needs air conditioning. There has never been such heat this season, even in the south. Therefore, of course, everyone hopes that the heat will still come, that the main sales are still ahead. Everything is possible until the end of July.

So far, sales can be called even, neither bad nor good — average. Regular seasonal sales, somewhere in the 2012 level, maybe even a little better. Although in some regions, for example, in the Caucasus, the traditionally high growth in sales was prevented by a rather rainy spring and a cool beginning of summer.

I want to note an interesting fact — this season, for the first time, inverter air conditioners are sold more than non-inverter ones. The inverter segment has grown to 55-57%. This refers to Japanese manufacturers such as MHI who make high-tech products. If we talk about Chinese-made air conditioners, which are more affordable, then off-on models are leading in sales. In general, this season we are seeing a shift in sales towards inexpensive Chinese equipment. If we talk about the semi-industry, about equipment for commercial use, then in this segment the demand for Chinese equipment has grown by 25-30% comparing with the previous year. We are selling many more multi-zone MDV systems this year than last year.

Vladimir Murashko, General Director of Euroclimate-Region

According to Euroclimate specialists, in 2013 there is a gradual growth in sales, primarily due to the relative economic stability in the country. The situation in the market of air conditioners is leveling off and the standard level of growth in 10-15% in year. The main demand traditionally falls on residential split systems, but sales of semi-industrial air conditioners and VRF systems are also growing. Professional companies practically do not deal with mobile air conditioners, they have moved into the sphere of interests of trading houses. As for the «windows», the demand for them is declining throughout Russia.

It is too early to judge the peak values, we are waiting for July. The specificity of sales in the regions is tied to the climatic zone and the weather of the current year, in the south the demand is always higher, although now the weather is favorable in the Urals and the Central region.

Sergey Li, Head of the Department of Large Household Appliances, M.Video

The May heat in central and southern Russia stimulated an increase in demand for air conditioners. During the first 20 days of May, sales of air conditioners grew by 40% in physical terms and 60% in money terms compared to the same period last year. Demand for fans decreased by 8% in units, while sales in monetary terms increased by 40%, which is associated with a shift in consumer preferences in favor of equipment from higher price segments. This is evidenced by the increase in the average purchase price of these devices from 1040 rubles to 1600 rubles. The average price for air conditioners remained unchanged compared to last year — for split systems it is 12,430 rubles, for inverter split systems — 21,390 rubles, and for mobile air conditioners — 18,940 rubles.

The growth in sales of air conditioners is due to the fact that large climatic equipment is bought for the future, without waiting for the onset of maximum temperatures. And fans are most often an urgent purchase when you already need to escape from the heat. At the same time, the preferences of air conditioner buyers are shifting towards A-brands, some of which have reduced prices for their devices by the beginning of the high season.

Demand for summer air conditioning equipment is traditionally determined by weather conditions, so sales will peak in mid-summer (see Infographic). In 2012, the first peak of sales occurred in mid-June, and this year already in mid-May. Air conditioners are most in demand in central, southern Russia and in Moscow.

Karina Gaskarova, marketing manager of the Technoshock chain of stores

The sales season for HVAC equipment started with positive dynamics. The traditional first wave of sales falls on the month of May, such sales are associated with both climatic conditions and purchases for the future (preparation for the summer season).

At the moment, there is an increase in sales of climate equipment, both fans and air conditioners. Such equipment remains a seasonal commodity, and therefore this year, due to good hot weather, starting from May, there is a positive dynamics in demand. At the same time, people prefer traditional fans to a greater extent, mobile air conditioners are in second place in popularity, and only then wall-mounted split systems. During the first 15 days of summer, the growth in sales (pcs) of fans amounted to 56%, and the overall increase in sales of climate equipment was 65%.

Forecasting sales of seasonal equipment is like predicting the weather, but we expect that the seasonal sales peak has not yet arrived.

Mikhail Korneev, Marketing and Advertising Department of Cherbrok

This year the sales level remained approximately the same as in 2012. According to our feelings, the peak of sales has already come, although in the retail sector there may be single bursts due to hot days. By the end of the year, we expect sales to drop due to cold weather.

Wall-mounted split systems are consistently popular with our customers compared to other domestic air conditioning systems. Sales are most active in the south of Russia, in particular in the Samara region. But, as you know, sales of climate equipment are highly dependent on the weather, and now it is not hot even in the southern regions of the country.

Anna Trofimova, head of the PR department at Media Markt.

According to our estimates, the peak of sales has already arrived, as buyers usually start preparing for the hot season in advance. In summer, either those who make repairs, or when very hot weather sets in, buy. High temperatures are not expected this summer.

This year, sales remained at the level of 2012. Split systems are in the greatest demand among our buyers. We record the maximum demand for climate equipment in the southern regions, the smallest — in St. Petersburg.

Ekaterina Zubareva, Marketing Director of the company
United Elements

As you know, since last year Daikin has become our main brand. We can definitely say that our sales, thanks to this brand, have grown significantly compared to 2012. We are also seeing market growth, penetration of categories, especially semi-industrial equipment, is expanding, primarily due to the growth of the housing market in the central region.

Mobile and window air conditioners have been a stagnant category over the past years. Wall splits account for a large share in the sales structure, this trend will remain unchanged.

We assume that the peak of sales is still ahead, because. the season has just begun. The start was good and promising, so we expect an increase and further growth in sales.

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Source: TopClimat.ru


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