Outfitting and technical rooms: proper dehumidification

One of the main conditions for the correct and safe work of rescue and fire brigades is high-quality protective equipment and 100% serviceability of functioning equipment. Fire pipes, hoses and protective suits must be absolutely tight. And bolt cutters, expanders, gas torches, headlamps, high efficiency fans and other technical equipment are in perfect condition.

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In order for the equipment used for rescue work or fire fighting to remain safe and sound, it is necessary to dry it properly. After all, such events take place in extremely difficult conditions, under which the overalls of rescuers and firefighters are saturated with foam, water, and dirt. In addition to personal belongings of employees, fire hoses, technical tools, equipment, pipes, etc. also get dirty and damp. And before placing the equipment in the equipment and technical room, it should be completely dry. Otherwise, it will not be possible to avoid the appearance and spread of mold, fungus and corrosion, which spoils or even renders equipment unusable. And, in addition, the use of wet equipment and clothing on the following calls is extremely unsafe for service workers.

The article is devoted to the question of how to dry things and technical equipment for rescue / fire operations, as well as how to keep dry in equipment and technical rooms — find out the details below.

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Why is it important to properly drain equipment rooms?

During rescue activities, clothing and equipment used deteriorate less than if stored incorrectly, when the equipment is stored in the equipment and technical room without being completely dried. And the problem lies not only in the fact that the use of wet equipment and equipment is dangerous for the health and life of people. Moisture-prone rescue equipment and tools are more likely to malfunction or fail, leading to unscheduled repairs and therefore additional costs (by no means small).

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An effective way to get rid of moisture in equipment rooms

In order to always be dry in the equipment and technical rooms where equipment and equipment are stored, it is best to install an industrial dehumidifier. This «smart» climatic equipment, which copes even with extreme dampness, is designed to work in large rooms and a wide range of external temperatures (1-35°С, 5-35°С, -30-+40°С).

Moreover, the use of dehumidifiers is very simple and convenient. To start the unit, you just need to set the desired humidity parameter and press the «ON» button (everything is described in the instructions, but the control panel is intuitive). Further, the equipment operates in automatic mode, that is, constant human control is not required. Maintenance is also simple and with proper selection of the unit, professional installation and observance of the operating rules — the dehumidifier works «like clockwork» until the very end of its service life, undergoing only scheduled maintenance.

*** With a limited budget, you can buy for an equipment and technical room used air dryerswhich are sold in fully working condition and are provided with a manufacturer’s warranty.

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