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People come to a cafe or restaurant not only for delicious food. Pleasant smells, lack of smoke, safety, comfortable temperature, humidity and other important components of the «atmosphere» of the institution depend, among other things, on the efficiency of ventilation. Employees will not stand aside either — in the kitchen of a restaurant or cafe, oily steam settles everywhere, on all surfaces — refrigerators, tables, hoods, dishes. And the more efficiently the exhaust ventilation works, the less fat in the kitchen and more inside the air ducts and exhaust hoods.

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A modern restaurant or cafe cannot be imagined without an air conditioning and ventilation system.

  • What happens if the ventilation is not cleaned?

  • How to clean the ventilation from grease in a restaurant

  • How is the cost of maintenance of ventilation calculated?

What happens if the ventilation is not cleaned?

First, dust and dirt settle on the greasy film, which creates a highly flammable surface. It turns out the effect of an oil lamp, only inside the duct. Under air pressure, the flame can quickly spread over the entire inner surface. The fire inspection includes a mandatory inspection of the ventilation system. Each catering establishment that values ​​​​its reputation and guests is obliged to carry out regular cleaning of ventilation systems at least once a quarter (for premises of categories A and B for explosion and fire hazards), in accordance with the PPR of the Russian Federation, clause 50. Depending on the intensity of use and loads on the ventilation system choose the frequency of cleaning. But not less often than it is established by the RF PP.

Secondly, the constantly accumulating soot and grease, combined with dust, instantly become an incubator for the reproduction of microorganisms, as well as a source of extraneous odors. And even if you open the lid of a large pot under an exhaust hood and release steam from a boiling pot, the temperature will not be enough to kill all the bacteria. Fatty substance may begin to flow down and get into the cooked food.

How to clean the ventilation from grease in a restaurant

First, a television inspection is carried out — a small camera on a flexible cord is inserted into the air duct, which shows the real state and degree of contamination of the equipment and the airway.

Before the procedure, all products, appliances and kitchen utensils are removed from the kitchen. Specialists cover tables, stoves and other equipment that cannot be removed or hidden with plastic wrap. Exhaust hoods are dismantled and grease traps are removed. Then, foam with an active active ingredient is applied to all internal surfaces of the exhaust ventilation. The alkalinity and foaming of the solution is selected individually for each surface and depends on the degree and origin of pollution, as well as on what the air ducts and umbrellas themselves are made of.

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Gradually, the foam begins to separate the fat masses from the surfaces, turning them into a jelly-like substance, which is washed off with pressurized water into the food sewer drains. Then a special substance is poured for even greater dissolution and after 15-20 minutes it is washed with a high-pressure sewer cleaner. At the end, all internal surfaces are treated with a disinfectant and it is also poured into the sewer.

Cleaning of ventilation ducts is carried out with a special brush machine, which produces foam with a temperature of up to 60 ° C. Thirty minutes is enough for even chronic fat deposits to begin to dissolve. After that, the walls of the duct are cleaned with special brushes that move at high speed. Moreover, the brushes of the machine are able to clean both rectangular and round air ducts.

Dry (dusty) supply and exhaust ventilation ducts are cleaned with a pneumatic brush machine using a filter unit, which prevents the spread of dust.

Climate technology portal TopClimat.ru
Climate technology portal TopClimat.ru

It is not necessary to dismantle the ventilation ducts — cleaning is carried out through special holes. This is important so as not to stop the work of the kitchen.

After cleaning, ventilation is treated with a disinfectant solution. After that, samples (washouts) are taken from the surface of air ducts and ventilation installations for the presence of mold spores, bacteria and other pathogens. And a Protocol of laboratory tests issued by the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in Moscow is issued.

How is the cost of maintenance of ventilation calculated?

The cost of cleaning ventilation from grease in a cafe and restaurant directly depends on:

  • length of air ducts;

  • pipe section diameter or box dimensions;

  • duct type (round or rectangular);

  • tightness of connections of parts of the air duct;

  • number of hoods;

  • fan cleaning conditions;

  • degree of pollution;

  • the height at which the air ducts are mounted;

  • accessibility of ventilation ducts;

  • time and continuity of work.

Modern technologies make it possible to clean the ventilation from grease in a restaurant without dismantling the components, which greatly simplifies the procedure. There is no need to close the establishment for a long time. As a rule, with an average area of ​​a hot shop of 30 m2would need:
— 2 hours to prepare for work and clean up after
— 2 hours for the work itself.

Estimated price for ventilation cleaning in Moscow:

  • air duct cleaning — from 600 rubles. for the m;

  • cleaning of hood umbrellas — from 1300 rubles. per piece;

  • disinfection of ventilation systems — from 30 rubles. linear m

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It is not necessary to dismantle the ventilation ducts for cleaning.

The article was prepared with the active participation of Dmitry Misarenko, Head of the Ventilation Cleaning and Disinfection Department «EnergoStar»

Source: TopClimat.ru


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