Sewer systems just 10 years ago and now are radically different from each other. In the first place for a modern consumer is not only the performance of a direct function by the system, but also additional aspects. In particular, we are talking about noise reduction. This point is especially relevant if communications are located near a residential area. Constantly hearing the noise of drains is not very pleasant. And sometimes it is required that there is silence around. And the purchase of noise-absorbing sewer pipes will solve all the tasks. Such pipes can be ordered on the website https://agpipe.ru/kanalizacionnye-truby-pvh/ep at affordable prices


Ep system is a high-tech product of joint production between Russia and the EU. And its benefits are hard to underestimate:

  • High service life. On average, noise-absorbing sewer pipes are designed for approximately 50 years of service. And this is provided that during this time no manipulations with them will be carried out.

  • Corrosion resistance. The manufacturer guarantees 100% protection against corrosion. The secret lies in a special coating that does not lose its properties throughout the entire period of operation. In this case, external conditions do not matter.

  • High impact resistance. The soil or slabs under which the sewer runs can sag over time. The material from which the Ep-system is made will withstand a solid mechanical load, will not bend and definitely will not crack.

  • No need to purchase additional fasteners or noise reduction products. Ep system is a complete independent product that does not require additional improvement. It can be used in its original form.

In addition, the buyer will be pleasantly surprised by the cost, which is consistent with the high quality of products.

Noise-absorbing sewer pipes, ep-system

Where can sound absorbing sewer pipes be installed?

Most often, such products are selected for domestic needs and mounted in residential buildings. This is the most popular option. However, there is another type of noise-absorbing sewage system that owners of private housing construction should definitely pay attention to. Storm sewers, which contribute to the discharge of water from the roof, should also be as silent as possible. Such an Ep system will last at least half a century, and will also save all household members from unnecessary and annoying noises!

Source: TopClimat.ru


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