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Multi-zone systems are one of the best alternatives to split and multi-split systems, which are not suitable for air conditioning large areas. Before the advent of such equipment, ducted air conditioners were used, which distributed the cooled air stream through a system of air ducts installed behind suspended ceiling structures.

This option does not allow you to adjust the temperature in a particular part of the room, reduces the useful height of the ceiling. All these problems were solved by the VRV air conditioning system, which was first released by the Japanese manufacturer Daikin. It still occupies a leading position in this segment of climate technology, and the Mitsubishi Electric brand is also very popular.

Multizone air conditioning systems: what are the advantages?

Technical features of installations and their scope

Multi-zone air conditioning systems are installations that operate on the principle of a variable refrigerant flow; they differ from the usual multi-split systems by the presence of a freon pipeline, which is installed instead of individual routes. Branches are made from it, to which indoor units can be connected. This approach allows using only one external unit to control the climate in all areas of the building. The equipment can be used for private houses and large apartments, hotels and hotels, shopping and office centers, car dealerships.

Before moving on to the types of multizone systems, it is necessary to understand how the abbreviation VRV differs from VRF. They have the same semantic load, but the difference lies in the fact that VRV is an abbreviation that is patented by Daikin. The letters VRF denote products of other brands.

Multizone air conditioning systems: what are the advantages?

Types and features of installations

Considering the varieties of multi-zone air conditioning systems, it is worth paying attention to their constituent elements. Different types of blocks (external, internal), junction boxes can be used. The most effective turnkey solutions are offered by brands such as Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric. They may differ in the following parameters:

  • Outdoor units: with and without heating function, with water or air cooling. They differ in performance indicator, type of refrigerant.
  • Internal modules: channel, cassette, console, floor, wall. As well as floor-ceiling, sub-ceiling, universal with different performance.
  • Controllers: BC, two-component.
  • BS-blocks, expansion adapters.

Installations may differ in the way the air is cooled: air or water. They can be two-pipe (work only in heating or cooling mode) and three-pipe — they provide autonomous operation of each indoor unit, which allows you to set different operating modes.

Multi-zone VRF systems have many advantages, but one of the most important is the ability to connect more than 40 internal elements of various configurations to an external unit. Depending on the specifics of the building, it is possible to simultaneously use several types of indoor units. The system can be controlled using a remote control, a centralized or control room that combines several units, and other options, depending on the project.

Multizone air conditioning systems: what are the advantages?

Advantages of multi-zone installations

VRV-systems are reliable due to error-free design, line diameters, refrigerant volumes, etc. are accurately calculated. Despite their high power, such units operate quietly. Their benefits also include:

  • the ability to connect a large number of blocks;
  • control both with the help of a central remote control and wirelessly — for each indoor unit;
  • the presence of an electronic thermostatic valve to maintain the required temperature;
  • a variety of installations, which allows you to choose models that work both for cooling and heating;
  • minimum air consumption with high performance;
  • ease of use — individual settings can be used for each indoor module.

Despite the structural complexity of the installations, their installation is carried out quite quickly — subject to the involvement of qualified specialists. Also, such equipment fully pays off, as it is economical to operate.

You can independently adjust the dosage of freon, which allows you to achieve the most accurate temperature readings. The VRV air conditioning system can be combined with ventilation units (when connected to ventilation). Due to the autonomous operation of each of the modules, if one of them fails, the load is automatically distributed to the others.

Equipment brands

Among the brands of VRF systems, Daikin, Dantex, ME, Electrolux, Ballu Machine are especially popular. They offer ready-made solutions. The manufacturer Daikin was the first to develop the presented type of installations, so it will be relevant to consider a series of equipment of this particular brand:

  • VRV Plus. This is an inverter system that is suitable for rooms up to 700 square meters. m. It can connect several internal (up to 30) and external modules (up to 3). The total power of the equipment should not exceed 90 kW. One of the external blocks of the inverter type, which ensures smooth regulation of the power of the installation, maintaining the operability of the entire system in case of failure of one of the elements.
  • Hi-VRV. This series includes an intelligent climate control system, which includes the combination of the VRV Plus system with HRV ventilation. They connect to a PC using the system D-BACS, which makes it possible to conveniently control the processes of ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Super Multi Plus. The classic model of the Japanese brand, which is designed for an area of ​​​​up to 150 square meters. m. In the Super Multi Plus, the thermostatic valves are located in separate BPUs, while in the VRV Plus they are built into the indoor modules. They can be connected to 2-3 outdoor modules. The advantage of this approach is the possibility of installing classic, small-sized indoor units with a low noise level. The disadvantage of the solution is the complex configuration of the installation, which requires the installation of a VR module. Up to 7 different indoor units up to 7.1 kW can be connected to this system. Since the equipment uses single-phase power, it can be installed in an ordinary apartment. Control can be carried out both with the help of the remote control and the PC.
  • Multizone air conditioning systems: what are the advantages?

Next on the list of popular VRF systems is Mitsubishi Electric brand equipment of the City Multi series. It is suitable for offices, residential and other premises of medium and small area. It uses simultaneous cooling and heating technology. In the R2 series, indoor units are connected to a common refrigerant circuit, so they can both cool and heat the air. Also in the assortment of the brand there is a series Y, which allows you to create an installation with any configuration, you can choose a different number and type of blocks, a control method.

The WR2 series uses water-cooled equipment. The dual heat recovery technology is implemented here. The units are suitable for tall buildings where there is a difference in height, it is not possible to install the outdoor unit on the roof. Such equipment can operate at low temperatures.

The top three VRV air conditioning systems include Electrolux with its Step Free series. The Green Revolution technology is implemented here, which makes it possible to reduce the cost of operating the unit, and also makes it possible to install it at facilities with a minimum electrical power. When calculating the average annual load, the COP coefficient is 6.8, and the EER is 7.4.

The equipment operates with a low noise level, which is ensured by the smooth regulation of the refrigerant flow. Thanks to the use of an innovative inverter compressor, the energy efficiency of the system is maximized. The R series provides universal blocks. This suggests that both two-pipe and three-pipe systems can be used in them. Block switches are also installed, allowing you to turn on the internal modules in different modes.

In each of the series of manufacturers, you can choose indoor and outdoor modules of different sizes and capacities, taking into account the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room in which they will be installed.


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