Summer is on the nose, and you have decided to buy a mobile air conditioner. Having studied all the offers on the market, you understand that this type of device is a bit noisy and has an air duct to remove warm air to the outside.

And then suddenly everywhere on the Internet advertising: “New! mobile air conditioner without duct for the home — a mini-air conditioner freon-free air cooler! Quiet in operation and cheap! Buy quickly, otherwise you will not have time!

The principle of operation of a mobile air conditioner without an air duct is the evaporation of water on a porous filter when an air flow passes through it. But after all, this is an ordinary humidifier of the traditional type or an air cooler with a fan, which is “sucked in” for 14–18 thousand rubles!

When water evaporates, heat is indeed taken away, however, water is not a highly volatile liquid, so the rate of heat removal is relatively low. At the same time, during the operation of such a device, the humidity in the room increases greatly, which causes a sharp decrease in the rate of evaporation. To increase it, it is necessary to ventilate the room, but this will lead to the flow of warm air from the street, which we are fighting against. As a result, we get increased humidity, the cessation of water evaporation and heat extraction. At the same time, the electronic components and the engine of the device emit it. Thus, this is an «air conditioner» that re-humidifies the air and heats the room, rather than cools it. Locally, at the place of air outlet, the temperature will be somewhat reduced, but in the apartment or office as a whole, the temperature will rise!

Mobile air conditioner with air duct
Important! Only mobile air conditioner, having a duct for the removal of warm air,
can perform its main function — cooling

If you tell the sellers about this, they will offer you cold condensers — small containers of water that must be frozen in the refrigerator and put in the water tank of a mobile air conditioner without an air duct. This, of course, is reasonable, but … only if you freeze them at a neighbor’s: after all, the refrigerator will release additional heat during freezing. And even in this case, cold condensers will not really help.

This is akin to a question from a school physics course: “Will the temperature in the room drop if you open the refrigerator door?” No, not that it will not go down, it will go up. The refrigerator will release more heat from the back than it absorbs through the open door, because due to the efficiency of less than 100%, part of the electrical energy will be converted into heat (the current overcomes the resistance of the conductors, part of the mechanical energy in the compressor is spent on overcoming friction).


A mobile air conditioner without an air duct is an “air conditioner” that re-humidifies the air and heats the room, rather than cools it. This is confirmed by numerous customer reviews on specialized forums. Also, such humidifiers can be found under the names «climatizer», «evaporator-cooler», «bio-conditioner», «4 in 1 mini-air conditioner without freon», «air conditioner on water», «air cooler on water» and others, no less stupid , terms.

Only a floor air conditioner with an air duct for removing warm air from the room can perform its main function — cooling. “A mobile air conditioner without an air duct” sounds ridiculous and ridiculous.

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