The second part of the review «Novelties in the climate market in 2018». Here you will learn about fresh products of ventilation, heating, automation and humidification systems.


  • Column Fan Peter

  • AWN fans from Aereco

  • Family of fire-fighting «wall» dampers Sigmavent BFSU

  • Ventilation units Kentatsu «Universal»

  • Exhaust hood with built-in hydraulic filter NPO Tekhnologiya

  • Ceiling textile perforated diffuser Tex-ceiling

  • Energy Efficient Variable Fluid Electric Heater BHeat Air

  • Built-in convector Techno Power Vent

  • Fan heater TX

  • Wall-mounted double-circuit boiler Deluxe S

  • WineSupervisor system for controlling climate equipment via smartphone or tablet

  • GoldStar VRF system wireless control device via Wi-Fi network


  • Ultrasonic humidifier Eva little



Column Fan Peter


Application: household

Characteristics and features:

  • productivity: 500 m3/h;

  • serviced area40 m²;

  • noise level: 33 — 52 dB;

  • 3 speeds;

  • rotary mode;

  • mode «Natural breeze»;

  • touch control;

  • washable filter;

What’s new: Due to the column shape, the fan takes up very little space and is ideal for confined spaces. At the same time, the fan performance is quite high. But the most important feature of this fan is the “Natural Breeze” mode:

AWN fans from Aereco


Application: only suitable for homeowners

Characteristics and features: has a pressure regulator, is easy to maintain, AWN DV fans are equipped with a technological hatch providing direct access to the engine.

What’s new: The AWN system improves the energy efficiency of Aereco adaptive ventilation, significantly reducing the energy consumption used for ventilation. This happens due to the adaptation of air flows in accordance with the needs for air exchange. The AWN is also connected to a heat pump that can be used to preheat water. The AWN range offers two types of fluid: water + glycol or refrigerant.

Family of fire-fighting «wall» dampers Sigmavent BFSU


Application: designed for installation in the depth of the opening, if the presence of an outer flange and a grate protruding beyond the plane of the barrier is not allowed.

Characteristics and features: the range includes normally closed dampers, normally open dampers, smoke exhaust dampers.

What’s new: These valves do not have a front flange, which allows you to install the valve in the depth of the opening. At the same time, for fixing the valve in the depth of the opening, mounting lugs are provided on the body. During installation, the overlap of the channel with the valve body is reduced due to the shorter fitting length of the body.

The valves are paired with a decorative grille Rsp. The size of the lattice covers the dimensions of the opening, fastening is carried out with self-tapping screws directly to the wall through the fixing holes. Lattice thickness 19 mm.

The grille is made of sheet steel and is painted white as standard. Other colors are also available for painting in accordance with the RAL catalogue.

Ventilation units Kentatsu «Universal»


Application: general industrial and medical.

Characteristics and features: the line includes 28 standard sizes with a capacity from 3,000 to 100,000 m3/h. The units are available in horizontal and, for limited spaces, vertical versions. One of the most important features is its compact size. In addition to general industrial, there is also a medical version.

What’s new: Universal ventilation units are manufactured in Russia from European and Russian components, which has a positive effect on their cost. The quality of the equipment does not suffer in the slightest.

With regards to the design of the Universal ventilation units, they have a frame design with a steel profile, which minimizes heat losses.

High-quality non-combustible slabs of basalt mineral wool with a fibrous structure are used as insulation. It provides high tightness, good heat and sound insulation and has low moisture absorption (less than 1.5%). The wall thickness is either 25 (for capacities up to 5000 m3/h inclusive) or 45 mm. The body of the unit is highly durable — even under heavy loads there are no deformations. The material is fireproof.

Exhaust hood with built-in hydraulic filter NPO Tekhnologiya


Application: of greatest interest to catering establishments. Exhaust hoods with hydraulic filters are used to cool and humidify hot air to a safe temperature.

Characteristics and features: have a built-in hydrofilter, thanks to which kitchen secretions pass through five stages of air purification.

What’s new: This is the first exhaust hood from NPO Tekhnologiya with a built-in hydrofilter. Thanks to this equipment, contamination of the ventilation system with grease, soot and soot is minimized and fire risks are eliminated, since all kitchen emissions go through five stages of air purification. An important advantage of an exhaust hood with a built-in hydraulic filter (as opposed to an exhaust hood and a hydraulic filter purchased separately) is its relatively low price.

Ceiling textile perforated diffuser Tex-ceiling


Application: offices and public spaces.

Characteristics and features:Ceiling fabric diffusers are very easy to install. They are quickly installed in the false ceiling instead of standard ceiling panels (600×600 mm). The cost of the diffuser ranges from 3500 to 7700 rubles, depending on the technical solution.

What’s new: The main purpose of this product is the comfortable distribution of conditioned air in offices and public buildings. This product has no analogues on the market. Its distinctive feature is the distribution of air on four sides by diffusion, which helps to avoid the so-called «cold shower» effect. They can be made in various color and texture designs (including with the customer’s logo), it is possible to use microperforation.


Energy Efficient Variable Fluid Electric Heater BHeat Air


Application: household, will be of interest to owners of suburban housing and small commercial real estate.

Characteristics and features: heat a room with an area of ​​10 to 50 sq.m.

What’s new: Due to the design features and intelligent control algorithm, BHeat Air is able to heat the room to the same temperature as more powerful electric convectors, but at a lower power consumption. At the same time, the convector not only quickly warms up the room to the set temperature, but also maintains it thanks to the introduced “fireplace” mode: after reaching the set temperature, the heater does not turn off completely, but continues to operate at a lower power.

In addition, the device has an automatic voltage setting (in the range of 190-230V) — the control board monitors the incoming voltage once a second and corrects the current strength on the heating element in order to avoid a drop in thermal power when the mains voltage drops (a conventional electric heater without this software solution will be weaker to heat at low voltage).

Built-in convector Techno Power Vent


Application: household, the Techno Power Vent convector is suitable for rooms with increased requirements for heating intensity with small dimensions.

Characteristics and features: The convector is equipped with a unique high heat density heat exchanger and tangential fans with vibration damping rubber mounts. The design of the convector provides for a system of maximum efficiency of directed air flow.

What’s new: Has no analogues in design and power.

Fan heater TX


Application: household

Characteristics and features: power from 3 to 130 kW

What’s new: An analogue of foreign manufacturers, but made in Russia. This allows us to manufacture a fan heater of any desired options (in terms of power, dimensions, etc.) in a very short time and at a reasonable price.

Wall-mounted double-circuit boiler Deluxe S


Application: household, suitable for cottages and private houses.

Characteristics and features: model range from 13 to 35 kW

What’s new:

  • perfect flue gas removal system, modulated turbocharging system;

  • the new Deluxe S model has a universal European type of smoke exhaust system (60/100);

  • advanced compact design and workmanship;

  • new device and location of internal nodes;

  • connection of a heating circuit and hot water supply according to the type of European boilers will allow you to save money when replacing an outdated or failed boiler from other manufacturers;

  • saves living space.

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WineSupervisor system for controlling climate equipment via smartphone or tablet


Application: for wine cellars

Characteristics and features: presented in two versions: KWSP-II, which creates an analogue of the Smart Home system for a wine cellar, and KWSP-I, for those who already have a Smart Home, but need to connect equipment to it (it is possible to connect via the modbus protocol) .

What’s new: The product is unique to the Friax range and the market as a whole. With its help, the organization of storage of food and non-food products becomes much easier — the equipment is controlled literally in one movement, while the owner has full information about the conditions being maintained before his eyes. With this tool, you can easily check the status of equipment and manage it from anywhere in the world; the device interface also provides a wide range of settings and additional options, including the history of indoor temperature and humidity, navigation through all connected devices, a flexible notification system, etc.

GoldStar VRF system wireless control device via Wi-Fi network


Application: for managing multizone systems

Characteristics and features: The device is connected by a two-wire wire to any indoor unit of the GoldStar GSM5 multizone system and is powered from the 220V mains.

What’s new: The device itself has a futuristic design that makes it look like a UFO. A miniature «flying saucer» can be mounted on a wall or ceiling in a convenient place. The main condition is the presence of a stable Wi-Fi signal from the router.

With this device and smartphone app, the GoldStar multi-zone system can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

The number of indoor units in VRF systems controlled by GoldStar ME31-00/C2 must not exceed 32 units.


Ultrasonic humidifier Eva little


Application: household

Characteristics and features:

  • productivity 320 ml/h;

  • technology «Adaptive humidification»;

  • serviced area 50 m2;

  • «Adaptive Humidification» mode;

  • mode «Warm steam»;

  • built-in fragrance;

  • automatic shutdown;

  • descaling mode;

  • night mode;

  • control panel with built-in air humidity measurement sensor;

  • Ionic Silver Cube ISC™ (against bacteria);

  • Anticalc cartridge (anti-scale);

  • noise level 27 — 32 dB.

What’s new: with a relatively small size, the device evaporates more than 300 ml of water per hour. Eva little creates a visible fog using ultrasonic technology. The remote hygrometer-control panel measures the humidity of the air, after which the humidifier brings its level to a predetermined value. This allows you not to worry about excessive moisture.


The TopClimat.ru portal thanks Bihit (BHeat), Aereco, Sigma-Vent, Daichi, NPO Tekhnologiya, Olil, Alliance-Trade, Navien, Bacchus Cellars, GoldStar, Electrotest Engineering, Stadler Form for their help in preparing the material.

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