Low Temperature Adsorption Dehumidifier MEACO DD8L

Household, adsorption dehumidifier Air Meaco DD8L! The innovative model of the Meaco company For the first time incorporated a domestic purpose and an adsorption type of dehumidification. Thanks to its type (adsorption), it is able to work and dry even unheated rooms at almost any temperature (from -5C). The advantage is low energy consumption, low noise level, operation at any temperatures without significant loss of productivity, modern design, quality.

It should be noted that the adsorption type of dehumidifiers assumes a slight heating of the air at the outlet. On average, dehumidification Air is 5-7 degrees warmer. Moisture enters.

Up to 8 liters per day Independence of temperature Ideal for working at low temperatures antibacterial nano-filter with silver Ionizer for cleaning Air Timer until 8:00 Continuous drainage During operation Heats the Air at 10-12?C Simple and intuitive control panel Stop at container filling 2 l condensate container Noise level — from only 39 dB Automatic restart in case of problems with the electrician Warranty 2 years

Meaco DD8L is an adsorption dehumidifier. This means it does not have a compressor or evaporator making it lighter, quieter and more economical than traditional condensing type dryers.

Use of a water-resistant clay rotor instead of a compressor Makes the performance of the Meaco DD8L independent of the room temperature and always remains constant. This means that at normal room temperature its performance will be similar to a 20 liter compressor dryer, at 10°C it will MATCH a 30 liter dryer, and at lower temperatures it will outperform it.

Such features of this model as operation at low temperatures, heating the Air during the dehumidification process by 10-12 ° C, the possibility of continuous condensate removal and automatic restoration of work after a power outage, make DD8L popular and indispensable for the owners of a yacht, garage, summer house, camper van .

Meaco DD8L has become a valuable helper in the home of our CLIENTS. They note how much a dehumidifier can remove excess moisture from the air, how quickly it dries clothes after washing, how it heats the air in rooms, and how quiet it works.

In addition, the Meaco DD8L is more than just a dehumidifier. The combination of its ionizer and silver antibacterial nano-filter will help keep the air in your home clean and healthy.

That’s why Meaco DD8L is a very popular dehumidifier that can solve a lot of household problems.

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