Back in the beginning 2000s When developing household air conditioners, manufacturers were the last to think about the design of the indoor unit or the ergonomics of the system as a whole. The main thing was functionality and reliability — the air conditioner had to cool the room and nothing more. 10 years later, the situation has changed radically and this happened, first of all, due to the strong competition of companies producing climate equipment. When buying an air conditioner, for many consumers it is no longer enough to have just a white box from which cold or warm air blows; he is interested in air purification systems, noise level, electricity consumption and, of course, the design of the indoor unit.

When designing LG Electronics air conditioners, special attention is paid to those things that are primarily important to the consumer. The company’s engineers are convinced that the air conditioner should not only perform the functions of cooling and heating assigned to it with maximum efficiency, but also bring maximum comfort to the life of the consumer.

Virtually silent

LG specialists have created a new design of the fan indoor unit Skew Fan (skew fan), which allowed to reduce the noise level of the indoor unit by more than 40% compared to traditional air conditioners. The fan is made in such a way that its impeller is located not parallel to the air flow, but at an angle of 15o in the form of a spiral. This solution allows to reduce aerodynamic resistance and, as a result, the noise level in the room. The fan of the indoor unit is controlled by a BLDC drive using a neodymium magnet, which increases the torque and allows you to have high pressure and flow characteristics.

Skew Fan technology and a number of technological measures have reduced the noise level of LG air conditioners to 19 dB (CA09AWR, CA12AWR, CS09AWT, CS12AWT, S09S(E)WT, S12S(E)WT), while airflow optimization and a redesigned H09MW and H12MW indoor unit allowed to achieve a record noise level of 17 dB in night mode.

energy efficient

The flagship PRESTIGE series (H09MW, H12MW) is a set of developments aimed at reducing energy consumption. The model uses a three-row heat exchanger, which increases the heat exchange area, as well as a modified indoor unit fan with an impeller diameter of 102 mm, which allows increasing the air supply from 720 m3/hour to 930 m3/hour. The outdoor unit has a twin-rotor compressor with a common suction manifold, which made it possible to increase the efficiency of the refrigerant compression process at low rotor speeds, with partial load on the system. All these measures and the use of inverter technology have resulted in an outstanding EER / COP of 5.6 / 5.6. In other words, the H09MW model consumes 450Wh in nominal mode, which is only 100W more than a modern desktop computer.

Take care of health

Ionizer series air conditioners (CS09AWT, CS12AWT) introduced the latest Plasmaster Cyclotron 3M filter, which is a comprehensive filtration system aimed at combating viruses and allergens.

In order to improve the bacteriostatic and anti-allergic properties of air conditioner filters, LG has worked with 3M to develop special allergen and virus trapping functional coatings by adding other anti-allergy filter agents developed by LG through previous research into the new design.

Tests conducted by a number of third parties have proven the effectiveness of the developed filter for protecting domestic premises from viruses and allergens. For its ability to kill 99.9% of all airborne viruses, including H1N1, in 15 minutes, this exceptional filter has been certified by the respected Kitasato Environmental Science Research Center. Tests carried out by the Center showed that the LG filter sterilizes 99% of all bacteria within 10 minutes. And the British Allergy Foundation (BAF) has certified this technology as highly effective against household allergens. The filter has proven effective even in fighting the germs that can cause tuberculosis, one of the top three most dangerous diseases on the World Health Organization (WHO) list.

To prevent the formation of bacteria and mold on the surface of the indoor unit heat exchanger, LG air conditioners adopt the function of automatic cleaning and dehumidification of the heat exchanger.

It should also be noted that air conditioners of the PRESTIGE and Ionizer series are equipped with a built-in Plasmaster Ionizer, which generates over 2,000,000 ions, making the air in the room as saturated and fresh as possible.

Technological installation

Air conditioning should be convenient in everything and for everyone. Especially for installers in LG split systems, a number of measures are used to simplify the procedure for installing the air conditioner and its further maintenance. So, for example, the cavity of the indoor unit is increased by 46% compared to traditional models, which greatly simplifies the procedure for laying pipelines inside, the technological support between the wall and the indoor unit will also be convenient, and the removable lower part of the front panel allows you to service the air conditioner without removing the case. The outdoor units fit particularly well into the air conditioning baskets.

A special software module LG SIMS has been developed for the diagnostics of LG inverter systems. The package includes a wired module for connecting to the outdoor unit, and an Android smartphone and a Bluetooth connection are required to work with the module. The wired module connects to the outdoor unit of the split system, after which the application on the smartphone opens. The application shows all the performance characteristics of the system, even those that cannot be detected with a conventional tool. The application shows data from all installed sensors, shows current loads, fault codes and their solutions, graphically displays system power consumption, etc. In other words, the specialist has the opportunity to fine-tune the air conditioner without the use of additional tools and equipment.

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