Korean gas boilers


Presented on the Russian market Korean gas boilers a wide variety of brands and models. Among them are many Korean gas boilers made under Japanese licenses, and appliances from world-famous South Korean multi-brand brands such as Daewoo or Hyundai, and products from Korean companies specializing in the development and production of gas boilers.

Korean wall-mounted heating boilers manufactured using Japanese technology

Korean gas heating boilersmanufactured under Japanese brands are not inferior in quality and technical level to goods made in Japan. Products are manufactured in South Korea using original technologies and under the careful supervision of brand owners.

Among Korean heating boilers manufactured using Japanese technology, the most famous are boilers manufactured under the Rinnai brand. Korean wall-mounted boilers of this brand are equipped with the latest technology, but their price, unlike gas boilers made in Japan itself, turns out to be relatively low, because they are able to successfully compete with the best European models of heating boilers not only in quality, but also in cost .

Korean boilers of our own design

Gas Korean boilers own developments are not much inferior to prestigious Japanese and European models. For the most part, these are wall-mounted double-circuit boilers designed for both heating and hot water supply of an apartment or a country house. The stake on this type of gas boilers is due to the fact that in countries with a high population density, such as South Korea, the issue of optimal use of living space is very important.

In addition, Korean gas boilers are very economical. Korea does not produce its own gas, it has to be imported, and imported gas is not cheap. Therefore, a thermal boiler that uses fuel most economically and efficiently will have a great competitive advantage in this country.

If you want to buy a good wall-mounted boiler at a relatively low price, the choice of a Korean boiler will be one of the best.

Gas boiler, Korea, brands Daewoo and Hyundai

A wall-mounted double-circuit gas boiler from Korea, sold under such well-known brands as Daewoo or Hyundai, is well equipped with electronics and automation. These companies produce not only cars and refrigerators, but also audio and video equipment, consumer and industrial electronics. Therefore, the equipment of products manufactured in Korea under these brands, including gas boilers, with modern and reliable electronics is a matter of not only capabilities, but also the prestige of manufacturers.

Gas heating boilers Korean brands Navien, Kiturami, Master Gas

In addition to diversified companies in South Korea, there are companies specialized in producing heating boilers. Korean gas boilers Navien, Kiturami, Master Gas are not so much equipped with a variety of electronics that create additional convenience for the consumer, but directly gas equipment in the products of these manufacturers of heating boilers, as a rule, has a higher level of strength, durability and reliability. These boiler companies produce not only appliances for domestic use, but also industrial gas equipment, the requirements for which are much more stringent.

For example, Master Gas wall-mounted heating boilers are simple, reliable, compact and inexpensive Korean double-circuit gas boilers with a closed combustion chamber and turbocharging with a power of 11 to 35 kW. They are able to heat a house up to 350 m² and provide it with hot water.

Korean gas heating boilers — advantages and disadvantages

Like any appliances, Korean gas heating boilers have their advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of Korean gas heating boilers include the following:

  • high level of technical equipment;
  • quality and reliability;
  • compactness and efficiency;
  • relatively low prices.

The disadvantage of Korean-made gas boilers, in essence, is one — the relative difficulty in finding spare parts and components if they need to be replaced during repairs. This is especially true for brands that are poorly represented on the Russian market and do not have their own service centers. Therefore, it is better to buy Korean gas boilers from official dealers and companies that work directly with their manufacturers. In this case, you should pay attention not only to the price, but also to the warranty period and conditions of warranty service.

Where to buy Korean gas boilers and at what prices?

You can buy Korean gas boilers at the best prices in Russia and the CIS countries in our online store. Our range of Korean-made gas boilers is constantly updated.

Korean boilers are not cheap, but their prices are much lower than the prices of European models of a similar level. You can see the current prices for Korean heating boilers in the catalog on our website.


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