Italy is rightfully considered one of the world’s best manufacturers of household appliances and sanitary equipment, and Italian gas boilers — not an exception. Italian boilers are characterized not only by high performance, but also by an exquisite stylish design.

Italian gas heating boilers

Compared to other types of boilers, such as electric or diesel, Italian gas heating boilers have a number of significant advantages.

The thermal power of Italian heating boilers, as well as gas boilers from other manufacturers, is not limited by the maximum permissible loads on the electrical network, which in private houses and city apartments, as a rule, do not exceed 5 kW. Yes, and currently expensive electricity, which is consumed in them only to power the control and service components, they consume very little.

Gas fuel, even liquefied, is much cheaper than diesel, which again provides significant savings. In addition, gas boilers are much more environmentally friendly, and the design is simpler and more reliable than diesel boilers. They require virtually no maintenance, such as regular cleaning of burners, combustion chambers and chimneys from soot and soot.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that the Italian gas boiler is an easy-to-use and very economical heating device with an exquisite design.

Italian gas heating boilers

How to choose an Italian gas boiler?

Among the entire diverse range, Italian gas boilers can be divided into two large groups — devices of their own design and boilers of other well-known European brands. The first include Italian gas boilers of the Ariston, Bonjuanni, Baksi brands, the second — gas boilers of the Swedish concern Electrolux, produced in Italy. In this regard, the question arises — which boiler to choose?

Italian gas wall-mounted boilers

Currently, gas wall-mounted boilers are very popular. Italian wall-mounted boilers are not inferior to many floor-standing models in terms of power, performance and technical equipment, but they are much more compact and do not require a separate area for installation — they can be installed on the wall of a bathroom, kitchen or hallway.

That is why many buyers prefer wall-mounted gas boilers. Italian developers and manufacturers of household appliances are well aware of this and are actively including such appliances in their range.

Italian double-circuit gas boiler — pros and cons

Like other double-circuit water heaters, the Italian double-circuit gas boiler combines the functions of a heating boiler and an instantaneous water heater (geyser) for hot water supply to a city apartment or a country house. A double-circuit boiler takes up less space than two separate appliances and is more economical than a storage water heater, as the water in it is heated just before use, which reduces heat loss. But the Italian double-circuit gas boiler also has a significant drawback, because the choice of a boiler for hot water supply is not so obvious.

The instantaneous water heater contained in Italian double-circuit boilers copes well with one or two consumers, but if more of the device’s thermal power is turned on at the same time, it may not be enough to heat the water consistently to the desired temperature. Therefore, for hot water supply at home with several consumers, it is better to give preference to a storage water heater, for example, an indirect heating boiler connected to a single-circuit gas boiler.

Gas boilers Ariston, Italy

Single-circuit and double-circuit gas boilers Ariston (Italy) are very diverse, and each buyer will be able to choose among these boilers the model that best suits his requirements. But this Italian manufacturer makes the main bet on powerful, economical and compact wall-mounted single-circuit models designed for large areas.

The main «favorite» of this direction was the so-called condensing boiler. Italy was at its best here too, creating a device that saves up to 35% of fuel and has significantly smaller dimensions than gas boilers of the same power from other manufacturers.

Swedish brand Electrolux from Italy

Among other brands, Italian Electrolux heating boilers occupy a special place. As already noted, Italy has a long tradition in the production of household appliances. Therefore, the world leader in the development of such devices — the Swedish company Electrolux — produces elite models of gas boilers in Italy.

The advantages of Italian heating boilers manufactured under this brand include a closed combustion chamber that does not take oxygen from the room, the ability to provide the house with both heat and hot water, electronics that provide convenience and safety, and, of course, classic design. The range of Electrolux gas boilers manufactured in Italy includes both double-circuit and single-circuit models.

BAXI and Bongioanni

Among other brands of Italian gas boilers, BAXI and Bongioanni boilers are worth noting. The BAXI model range is very wide and varied, and you can find out more about the boilers of this manufacturer in the corresponding section. The range of Bongioanni gas boilers is not so extensive, but among them there are really unique models.

Italian double-circuit condensing gas boilers Bongioanni Nebula Eco Combi combine the advantages of instantaneous and storage water heaters. They have a built-in storage tank that takes on peak loads when several consumers are switched on at the same time. The storage capacity is relatively small, therefore, its presence has little effect on the dimensions of the devices and gas consumption. But it is he who allows you to compensate for the main drawback of instantaneous water heaters — unstable operation with a sharp increase in hot water consumption.

Advantages of Italian gas boilers

Despite the variety of brands and brands of Italian gas boilers, one can note the inherent features and advantages of all of them:

  • stylish Italian design;
  • unique innovative technical solutions;
  • the highest European quality.

Where to buy an Italian boiler and at what price?

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