Air conditioning in the apartment has long ceased to be a luxury item. Now it is as much a necessity as a heating radiator or hood. A well-chosen split system immediately improves the climate in the house in the summer, thanks to which you feel good and sleep better in the summer heat. But if you choose the wrong air conditioner or hang it unsuccessfully, then, on the contrary, it will negatively affect your health. In this article, we will tell you how to choose and where to install air conditioners in an apartment so that they bring benefits, not harm.

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How to choose an air conditioner

When choosing an air conditioner, look at the following conditions:

  • · The area of ​​the room in which the system is installed.
  • · The area of ​​​​windows and which side they face — south or north.
  • · The purpose of the room is a bedroom, living room, kitchen-living room, etc.

Room area

Household split systems are divided into models that differ in cooling capacity. The larger the room in which the air conditioner is installed, the higher its power. As a rule, 1 kW is equal to 10 sq.m. That is, if you have a room of 25 sq.m., then look at the air conditioner model with a cooling capacity of 2.5 kW.


If you have large windows and they face the sunny side, then more sunlight will enter the room on a hot day. Therefore, the air conditioner should be taken more powerfully. Take for example again a room of 25 sq.m. and imagine that there are large windows facing south. Now a 2.5 kW air conditioner cannot cope with cooling the room, a 3 kW split system is needed.

Room assignment

There are many appliances in the kitchen that generate heat both constantly (for example, a refrigerator) and periodically (stove, oven). During cooking, this room gets very hot. Therefore, for kitchens, you should take a more powerful air conditioner than for the living room.

If you take a split system for the bedroom, then pay attention to the noise level. You are unlikely to like it if the air conditioner makes a lot of noise at night.

Where to install the air conditioner

There are several solutions:

  • · Install air conditioning in all important rooms: bedrooms, living room, kitchen.
  • · Install one large air conditioner in the hallway.
  • · Install one air conditioner in the room where you are most often.

Each of these solutions has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at them.

Installation of air conditioners in all important rooms

The advantages are obvious. You will control the temperature in each room separately. In addition, you can choose an air conditioner, focusing on the purpose of the room. For example, in the nursery, put a special air conditioner for children’s rooms. And in the kitchen, install an air conditioner with improved air purification filters.

Cons: it’s expensive. In addition, it is not always possible to install a multi-split system with one external unit. So your facade will be hung with blocks.

Installation of one large air conditioner in the hallway


one. Only one block on the facade.

2. In some cases, this will be cheaper than the first option.


one. You will have to pull a long route for copper pipes. This will increase the cost of installation. Taking into account the fact that the air conditioner in the corridor will have to be bought powerful (and therefore expensive), the cost of installing a turnkey air conditioner will cost a pretty penny.

2. You won’t be able to control the temperature in every room. Is that the method of opening and closing doors.

Installation of one air conditioner in the main room

Pros — the most budget option.

Cons — in all other rooms it will be hot.

We recommend installing air conditioning in the bedroom. In the heat it is very difficult to sleep, it affects both well-being and mood. Be sure to consult with a specialist in which specific place to install the indoor unit. Don’t skimp on installation. It is better to make the route longer, but hang the indoor unit so that the air conditioner does not affect the person’s rest area.

air conditioning in the bedroom

Installing a split system in an apartment

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