In the process of industrial drying, time accuracy and the final result are important. Any food product must be the same from batch to batch (standard quality). In order to save costs and speed up production, the terms of the production itself should be as short as possible.

Infrared industrial drying cabinets

Infrared industrial drying cabinets are universal cabinet-type drying equipment designed for obtaining high-quality ecological dried products. This is necessary equipment for processing agricultural products, in the food industry, restaurant business, in the chemical or construction industry. This technology is characterized by low operating costs and high drying speed, compared to other types of drying, as well as constant quality of the final product.

IR drying technology

The basis of the dehydration technology is the intensive removal of moisture from the product by exposure to IR radiation, while the surrounding air is not heated, but the product being dried directly. Water molecules leave fabrics or materials several times more intensively than during convection drying, are released from the product and pass into the air, which is then removed from the chamber.

With the help of this technology, moisture is removed from the product gradually, without destroying the fabric structure of the products.

The special value of this type of drying equipment is that during IR drying, it is not necessary to heat the air to high temperatures, while the vitamins, useful and taste properties of the products are preserved as much as possible.

Products with both high and normal moisture content are suitable for IR drying.

Infrared drying cabinets (dehydrators) are ideal for drying apples, apple and other fruit paste, apple chips, pears, persimmons, melons, grapes, prunes, bananas, citrus fruits, berries, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, greens, spicy and medicinal herbs, mushrooms , meat products (snacks, chips, jerky, etc.), fish products, as well as compound feed, medicines, briquettes and various building materials.

The principle of operation of the dryer

In a special hermetic chamber of the drying cabinet, infrared tube emitters — TENs are installed on several levels. They heat the dried products to the required depth, while moisture is actively removed from them.

On average, 1 kW of electricity is used to extract 1 liter of water.

A feature of IR drying is the possibility of deep or surface heating by adjusting the spectrum of infrared radiation.

Trays with products are evenly blown with air supplied by a fan. Air saturated with water vapor is removed through the duct to the outside.

Humidity and air temperature are constantly monitored by sensors.

With the help of the controller, separate stages of drying are adjusted with the parameters of temperature and air humidity in the drying cabinet required by the technology.

Enhanced control capabilities of InfraRed drying cabinets

Advantages of drying cabinets

The advantages of drying cabinets with infrared heating for drying various products are obvious:

  • obtaining products with the highest quality;
  • shorter terms of the technical process than with convective drying;
  • lower consumption of electricity to remove a liter of moisture from the product;
  • moderate temperature ranges;
  • sterility and absence of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • adjustable modes and programming of drying processes;
  • healthier and more useful products obtained, with preservation of taste and aroma;
  • preservation of up to 90% of vitamins and useful substances;
  • the products are perfectly prepared for long-term storage.

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    UkrSushka — one of the leading domestic manufacturers of drying equipment, whose products are in high demand on the international market.

    The main specialization is infrared drying cabinets of the InfraRed series, in addition, convection cabinets, high-temperature ovens, lines and belt conveyors for drying products are produced.

    All equipment produced is based on our own original and unique technical solutions.

    Model range:

    200 224UAH

    UkrSushka InfraRed-16 drying chamber
    UkrSushka InfraRed-16 drying chamber

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    Description of models

    The infrared drying cabinet InfraRed is a productive and compact drying equipment. IR emitters — in the upper and lower parts of the camera. Blowing trays — with reversible air circulation. There are humidity and temperature sensors, as well as a frequency converter for adjusting the fan speed. Drying time — from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the type of product.


    • transparent impact-resistant door, option — metal or mirror door;
    • frequency converter for adjusting the fan speed;
    • sensor control system; Basic 10 — simple management;
    • a controller with the possibility of setting more than 100 programs;
    • the possibility of equipping with mesh or solid trays made of stainless steel, as well as carts for the required number of trays.

    The main characteristics of the models

    Productivity, kg/day

    from 1000 to 6000

    Power, kW

    7 … 68

    Capacity, using standard trays 600×600 or 800×800 mm, kg

    from 10 to 112 trays

    Camera weight without trays, kg

    155 … 455

    Dimensions, LxWxH, mm

    1450 … 1850 x 750 x 1100 …. 2150

    As standard, drying cabinets and lines produced are separately equipped with accompanying tools: mesh trays with different mesh sizes, stainless steel pallets, carts or stands for the required number of trays.


    GorvProm — a well-known domestic manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in promoting drying equipment (cabinets and lines) to the market of the CIS and Europe. High-quality drying cabinets for the food industry and drying for industrial applications are produced. Cabinets can accommodate from 8 to 56 trays. The equipment is certified for delivery to EU countries.

    Model range:

    Description and features of the models

    IR cabinets GorvProm — professional drying cabinet equipment. IR dryer with metal door accommodates 8 to 56 trays of standard type. Features of the process: infrared emitters evenly heat the dried product to the required depth, a powerful fan and a drive valve provide reverse air circulation, the air speed is regulated by a frequency converter.

    Main characteristics of cabinet models

    Productivity, kg/day

    from 300 to 3000

    Power, kW

    5 … 75

    Capacity, using standard trays 600×600 mm, kg

    from 8 to 56 trays

    Camera weight without trays, kg

    140 … 320

    Dimensions, LxWxH, mm

    1000 … 2150 x 750 x 1650

    GorvProm drying lines are made to order and are characterized by high product drying productivity — from 1000 kg of raw materials per day. They are applicable in many industrial, agricultural and restaurant areas. Installed power from 55 kW.

    Main characteristics of drying lines

    Productivity, kg/day

    from 1,000 to 25,000

    Power, kW

    55 … 1200

    Number of tapes, pcs

    from 1 to 10 tapes

    Area of ​​tapes, sq. m.

    from 7.5 to 200


    DryWay — a domestic company specializing in the production of modern drying equipment — drying cabinets, lines and chambers for more than 10 years. Compact IR dryers DryWay are designed for loading from 18 to 100 kg of products. IR cabinets are made of stainless steel with metal doors. Heat recovery allows you to save up to 30% of energy consumption. There is automatic temperature control, a timer.

    Model range:

    Description and features of the models

    In the cupboards there are economical infrared heaters, the products are dried evenly, the drying process is automated. There is a timer, heat recovery reduces energy costs for drying.

    The main characteristics of the models

    Productivity, kg/day

    from 18 to 100

    Power, kW

    1,3 … 6

    Capacity, using standard trays 600×600 or 600x400mm, kg

    from 6 to 50 trays

    Chamber volume, m3

    from 0.5 to 1

    Dimensions, LxWxH, mm

    (850 … 1450) x (705 … 800) x (600 … 2150)

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    ILMAX — a modern company with more than 10 years of experience in the production of energy-efficient heating equipment and drying units.

    The Ilmax line of drying cabinets — dehydrators is designed for the most popular applications and is used for drying vegetables, fruits, pastilles, tobacco, meat, fish and medicinal herbs. The enterprise can manufacture a drying cabinet for a specific purpose. The design of the cabinets is made of stainless steel, meets all certification and safety requirements. Management — from the information panel on the front of the cabinet, all parameters are controlled by built-in sensors.

    Model range:

    Description and features of the models

    IR drying cabinets-dehydrators Ilmax-10, Ilmax-20, Ilmax-30, for 10, 20 and 30 trays, respectively, which combine the functions of an oven for fruits and a dryer for vegetables and fruits. They are distinguished by a large range of temperature regulation from +10 to +150 C. Drying cabinets are made of certified materials approved for use in the food industry.

    The main characteristics of the models

    Productivity, kg/day

    up to 150

    Power, kW

    7 … 16

    Capacity, using standard trays 600×600 mm, kg

    from 10 to 30 trays

    Temperature regulation, degrees. C

    from 10 to 150

    Dimensions, LxWxH, mm

    (570 … 670) x (650 … 760) x (810 … 2300)

    Stages of implementation of the drainage system

    1. Request. To begin with, it is necessary to form a technical task taking into account the data of your technology.
    2. Technical solution. Based on the request data, we form a technical solution and budgeting (approximate cost). If the Customer is satisfied with this solution, we start designing.
    3. Design and commercial proposal. We design the system, prepare the specification and form a commercial offer with exact amounts.
    4. Contract. We sign a contract for supply, installation and start-up.
    5. While the equipment is being manufactured and supplied, we install those materials that can already be installed (air ducts, etc.).
    6. Installation of equipment. After the equipment arrives, we install it.
    7. Launching. Connection to automation, output of parameters to project values ​​(commissioning works).
    8. Briefing. We conduct training on working with the equipment, hand over all technical documentation to the responsible person from the Customer’s side.
    9. Acts. We sign the acts of completed works.
    10. Service. If necessary, we carry out scheduled equipment maintenance.

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