Every employer must provide its employees with appropriate working conditions. This is especially important in various types of indoor environments where poor air quality exposes occupants to adverse health conditions. What can be done to ensure optimal indoor air parameters?

Air humidity and human health

Air quality is of great importance for the health of a person in enclosed spaces. A room that is too dry or damp can not only cause diseases, but also reduce well-being, and therefore, working capacity. It is best when the air temperature is in the range of 20-22°C, and its humidity is between 40 and 60% relative humidity. The last factor is especially important, because the correct humidity of the air:

  • reduces electrostatic stress,

  • minimizes the risk of infection

  • and also prevents the spread of mold, bacteria and microorganisms.

How to maintain sufficient humidity?

One of the ways to maintain optimal indoor air humidity is adiabatic air humidification. Such systems use adiabatic conversion, meaning that the heat of vaporization is taken directly from the humidified air.

This is a very simple yet extremely effective solution. A specially designed pump compresses the water to a pressure of around 75 bar and high pressure nozzles atomize it in the form of a water mist that evaporates into the air.

High pressure nozzle

Since no additional energy is required for evaporation, the average consumption is about 4 watts per liter of water, making the entire system very energy efficient and cheap to run. Its advantage is also that the equipment does not need to be cleaned and maintained frequently — and special chemicals are not used during such treatments. Efficient operation of the system does not require the use of special fluids, as it is adapted to work with tap water, previously softened or completely demineralized.

Humidification and cooling in one

High pressure humidification is not the only way to take advantage of the adiabatic effect.

Because the air changes adiabatically, it is also ideal for cooling the return air. Then it is necessary to use a cross heat exchanger or heat recovery rotors.

Adiabatic cooling reduces the air temperature by several degrees Celsius. Thus, it can successfully support the existing cooling system, providing additional savings, or even work independently. In places where summer temperatures are not as high, an adiabatic cooling system is often sufficient.

Things to remember when installing an adiabatic humidification system

In order for the high pressure humidification system to function properly, it must be properly installed. This is obvious, but also very important, because, as experts emphasize, the better the high pressure elements are located, the more benefit can be obtained from the optimal operation of the entire system.

Source: TopClimat.com


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