Ventilation in the bath is necessary to regulate the temperature, provide oxygen and quickly remove moisture. Without proper air circulation, the room warms up unevenly. Condensation stagnates inside and destroys any building materials, wood and brick.

Simple Ways to Ventilate

In a classic wooden Russian bath on 2-3 washing room and steam room are combined, the area of ​​​​this room is not more than 6 square meters. m. Enough natural ventilation through the oven. Air is drawn through the firebox into the chimney. For air to enter from the street, a gap between the lower crowns is sometimes left uncaulked.

To speed up circulation, experts recommend making a window about half a meter wide and high in the steam room.


The window is located 40 cm below the ceiling. Steam and heat gather above. Between visits, the window opens for salvo airing. Per 2-5 minutes, enough fresh air enters, while the bulk of the hot steam is stored under the ceiling. When the window is closed, the temperature in the steam room quickly returns to normal.

The ventilation window must be positioned so that steam does not stagnate under the roof overhang. It should be wooden because plastic is not designed for extreme temperatures and humidity.

In the bath, you can leave special ventilation holes in the walls — vents. One must be behind the oven so that the incoming air is heated. An exhaust hole is made under the ceiling opposite. The vents should not be large so as not to overheat the room.

It is considered a mistake to arrange a ventilation hole in the ceiling. The steam goes under the roof, while the rafters deteriorate from moisture.

Ventilation system of the guest bath

In a bath of a larger area, two departments and a dressing room with a rest room are usually arranged. The steam room requires special effective ventilation. It consists of the following elements:

  1. Seamless steel pipe D110 mm — two pieces.
  2. Gate for regulating the air flow.
  3. Thermotube-sandwich.
  4. Tee.
  5. Mono-thermo pipe transition.
  6. Master flush (roof passage)
  7. Deflector.

Stainless steel pipes are installed in the steam room in the opposite corner from the stove. The hood is done at floor level. The coldest air exits through the ventilation system. The heated air from above will be forced to sink down. So the shelves and floor warm up faster.

The gate is installed at a height of a meter at the junction of steel pipes. It is designed to regulate draft, never completely shuts off the airflow.

Under the ceiling there is a tee with an additional wide opening. It opens for quick airing between visits, to release excess steam. The bath is dried through this hole after washing.

In the ceiling, a transition is made to a sandwich pipe. Insulation is needed so that condensation does not form in a cold attic. The passage through the roof is made out by a master flush. A deflector completes the ventilation pipe, which stabilizes the draft. It protects the system from gusts of wind and precipitation.

Inside the room, the ventilation pipe is sheathed with wood. Steel warms up inside the steam room and provides cold air draft from the very bottom. Sandwich pipe protects the heat column from rapid cooling. This prevents the formation of a draft and vystuzhivaniya steam room.

The air flow into the steam room is carried out through the slots of the gratings in the lower part of the doors of the washing room and the dressing room. These rooms can be ventilated through a window, or artificial ventilation valves are installed in them.

Ventilation in a steam frame bath

During the construction of a frame bath, a waterproofing layer is made from the inside, and a sheathing with insulation is made from the outside. The room is hermetically sealed.

For the installation of a ventilation system in a steam oven, they are installed on a brick podium. It has a supply air duct with a stainless steel damper.

Opposite the oven, a box with a ventilation pipe is made. Its end is raised above the floor by 30 cm. Diffusers are installed above and below. A gate is mounted in the upper part of the box. To quickly warm up the steam room, close all dampers. Before entering, open the damper of the supply channel. The air entering through the channel is mixed with hot air inside the steam room. After washing, the upper vent opens to dry the room.

Forced mechanical ventilation in the bath requires special calculations, so its installation is entrusted to specialists.


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