How to install an air conditioner yourself

Air conditioning in our lives has long ceased to be considered a luxury, and in the context of global warming has become an urgent need. Its installation allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room even in the most terrible heat. Buying an air conditioner is easy. But Can you install air conditioning yourself?? Indeed, in addition to special equipment and tools, professional skills and experience in fixing blocks, connecting pipes and electrical wiring will also be required!

To resolve the issue: how to install air conditionershould be approached responsibly, realistically assessing their capabilities. Imagine how you will begin to install the outer part of the air conditioner without the skills of industrial mountaineering. Even if the installation is successful, you will need to correctly assemble the duct system and drainage system. The smallest mistake during assembly can result in premature failure of the entire air conditioner. If you do not have problems with how to install the air conditioner yourself, you should take into account that after its installation it will be necessary to refuel with freon or, at least, test it according to various operation parameters. In this case, it does not matter what kind of air conditioner you are going to install: window, mobile monoblock or wall-mounted split system.

However, putting aside all concerns, let’s see how you can install the air conditioner yourself. Installing a window air conditioner seems to be the easiest. Its installation is carried out directly in the window opening and is usually not very difficult.

Installation of a mobile monoblock consists in putting it on the floor, connecting it to the power supply network and leading a flexible air duct hose through an ajar window or door. To do this, you will need to insert a drainage hose into a flexible duct, connect it to the exhaust port of the air conditioner, and lead its other end out the window or balcony door.

The most difficult is the installation of wall-mounted split systems, which, even at the stage of choosing a location, imposes difficult requirements, taking into account the maximum possible length of the refrigerant piping, height difference and the noise that occurs during operation. The main stages of installing an air conditioner involve:

  • Drilling a hole in the wall for refrigerant piping, drainage piping, electrical wiring connecting the indoor and outdoor units of the split system;
  • Electrical wiring;
  • Fastening of internal and external blocks;
  • Pipeline laying, including pipe cutting, stripping, deburring of its ends, flaring and insulation;
  • Connecting the pipeline;
  • Air removal;
  • Check for leaks;
  • Opening the service valve and installing the drain tube;
  • External finishing.

Behind these difficult operations is a long, painstaking work. Therefore, before proceeding with an independent installation, think: maybe it is better to entrust the matter to professionals?


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