Moving to a new apartment is a happy and, as a rule, long-awaited event that involves pleasant chores. Ahead of repair, selection of furniture and finishing materials. In anticipation that everything will change for the better, and a new round in the life of your family will begin, you are ready for irrational purchases and extra spending. However, you need to plan everything soberly so that you don’t regret anything later.

It is very important to decide on household appliances. You need to clearly decide what you will take with you from the old housing, and what would not hurt to completely update.

Moving to a new apartment

In addition, you need to carefully consider the location of the devices so that their operation does not cause inconvenience.

Of course, everyone has their own ideas about the ideal home. Therefore, the criteria used by different people when buying household appliances are not the same.

We offer you our vision of arranging modern housing. You can take this list as a basis and supplement it in your own way. Then you definitely won’t miss anything.

The kitchen is the heart of any home

The kitchen is not only a place for cooking. Important family “councils”, pleasant gatherings with friends, meetings are held here. On weekdays, the family gathers here for breakfast and dinner, and on weekends — also for lunch. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the interior design and make sure that the air in the kitchen is clean and fresh.

The kitchen is the heart of any home

Naturally, we are talking about the hood. It should fit:

  • sizes;
  • style
  • power;
  • type;
  • color.

The modern market offers a huge range of exhaust units that can fit both into the interior of a small kitchen and into a spacious room.

A built-in or telescopic model is suitable for a small kitchen. The first can be hidden in one of the kitchen cabinets, the second will be visible only at the time of cooking.

In a studio apartment, pick up a stylish island hood, which will also become an important design element. If the room is made in the style of rustic, provence, country, a domed kitchen hood is suitable, which will make the design more expressive.

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Height, mm:
900, 1410 |

Width, mm:
600 |

Depth, mm:
500 |

Hood installation:
wall-mounted |

Noise level (max), dB:
65 |

Hood operating mode:
air extraction, recirculation |

Type of cooker hood:
decorative, design, wall |

Productivity in the withdrawal mode, m³/h:
621 |

Choose a stylish island hood for your studio apartment

The next step is the hob. It must meet the requirements of the hostess in size. Someone will have enough option for two burners, and someone will prefer a model that can fit 5 pans at the same time. Then a refrigerator is selected.

Devices such as:

  • Dishwasher;
  • electric kettle;
  • coffee maker;
  • oven.

Living room — what not to forget?

In the living room, they always try to make an elegant design and at the same time create an atmosphere of comfort and homely warmth.

Living room - what not to forget?

Today you can pick up a model of an electric fireplace, which will find a place even in a modest «odnushka», not to mention spacious apartments. According to the location, the devices are divided into:

  • attached;
  • embedded;
  • wall;
  • corner;
  • separately standing.

Old batteries in the apartment should be replaced. Modern models are distinguished by good heat dissipation, attractive appearance, compact dimensions. If central heating is intermittent, it is worth looking after an electric heating radiator.

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Old batteries in the apartment should be replaced

Very often, in rooms in which heating devices work, the air dries up. To eliminate the negative impact of overdried air masses on furniture and health, you can install a humidifier.

Comfortable sleep in the bedroom

Health and performance are largely dependent on sleep. Comfortable orthopedic mattress and stylish design in the bedroom are of course important. But this is not enough for good health.

To get enough sleep and feel fresh and cheerful in the morning, you need to take care of the air quality in the bedroom.

Air exchange can be provided in various ways:

  • ventilation through open windows or vents;
  • installation of special ventilators;
  • using exhaust fans;
  • by installing recuperators.

Comfortable sleep in the bedroom

Ventilation is not an effective way to change the air in a living space. In the summer you will let hot air into the bedroom, in the winter you will release precious heat.

Install a heat exchanger in the bedroom — today this is the best solution for creating a comfortable microclimatic environment. The supply and exhaust ventilation system with heat recovery allows you to change the exhaust air to fresh air, while the heat remains inside the room.

Advantages of recuperators:

  1. Simple and intuitive controls.
  2. A copper heat exchanger that disinfects the air as it passes through the unit.
  3. Economical electricity consumption.
  4. Stylish design.
  5. Fast installation without the need for cosmetic repairs after installation.

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Area, m²:
11-20 |

Filter class:
F8 (option), G3 |

Wall thickness from, mm:
250 |

Installation of an external grille:
from the premises |

Heat exchanger material:
ceramics |

Wall module diameter, mm:
160 |

Heat recovery efficiency, %:
82, 90, 97 |

If the windows of the bedroom, nursery or living room face the roadway, it is advisable to purchase an air purifier. When choosing a unit, you need to start first of all from the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room. If the main problem is excessive dust content in the air, then it is better to purchase a model with electrostatic filters.

Ventilation is not an effective way to change the air in a living space

In a room where allergy sufferers, small children or people with asthma live, the Prana Air Cleaner Pro air purifier with a fine filter — HEPA filter is more suitable.

If the main task is to disinfect the air from pathogenic bacteria, fungi, mold spores, then it is better to buy a photocatalytic air purifier or ozonizer.

What appliances are needed in the bathroom?

The first thing that comes to mind is buying a washing machine. It is most often installed in this room, sometimes in the kitchen. If the apartment is spacious (or a private house), then the “washer” is installed in the laundry room, allocating a separate room for this.

Next up are plumbing fixtures. A beautiful and most importantly high-quality faucet is the main decoration of the bathroom.

What appliances are needed in the bathroom?

Another must-have accessory is a heated towel rail. In the bathroom, due to constant contact with water, high humidity, so towels can dry out poorly and acquire an unpleasant damp smell. If you install an electric heated towel rail or one that is connected to the hot water pipes, this problem will be eliminated.

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Type of:
electric |

Weight, kg:
7 |

Height, mm:
798 |

Width, mm:
500 |

Depth, mm:
100 |

weekly programmer |

Maximum power, W:
300 |

Switch location:
on right |

Location of the heated towel rail:
vertical |

A boiler is an indispensable attribute of a modern apartment. Most often, consumers opt for such water heaters. When buying a unit, you need to consider many parameters:

  • volume of the tank;
  • number of hot water intake points;
  • the number of residents;
  • type of heating element.

Boiler - an indispensable attribute of a modern apartment

But the exhaust fan in the bathroom is installed in order to remove excess moisture and dampness outside in time. Such household appliances will help prevent the formation and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, mold.

Comfortable microclimate in the house in winter and summer

In the summer heat, we hurry home to hide from the heat and the scorching rays of the sun. In winter — to warm up and relax by the fireplace.

And how to create a comfortable microclimate in the house during the off-season, when it is too early to turn on the heaters, and the temperature has already dropped by several degrees?

You can maintain the set temperature and humidity parameters with the help of an air conditioner. Modern units have a lot of useful functions, while they consume electricity economically, have a presentable design.

Split systems are the most popular today. This is a kind of air conditioners, which consist of two blocks (internal and external).

Comfortable microclimate in the house in winter and summer

If you plan to move the air conditioner from room to room, pay attention to monoblock models. They have special wheels on the body, making it convenient to move the unit if necessary.

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To simultaneously cool several rooms, you can pick up a multi-split system. Such air conditioners consist of one outdoor compressor and several indoor units. Between themselves, the individual parts of the device are connected by a system of main pipes with freon.

Air conditioners with air heating function are more expensive, but their purchase is profitable. When the cooling starts, you can save significantly (up to 60%) by using an air conditioner instead of a gas boiler for heating.

Depending on the specific operating conditions of the device, you can choose a model with the functions:

  • dehumidification — suitable for rooms with high humidity;
  • air purification — can be used if there is a need to eliminate unpleasant odors;
  • ionization — such air conditioners disinfect the air, purify it from harmful chemical impurities.

According to the principle of operation, air conditioners are divided into non-inverter and inverter. The first ones after switching on operate at maximum speed until the set temperature is reached. Then the device automatically turns off and “waits” for the temperature to rise by 1-2°C. As soon as the temperature sensor is triggered, the air conditioner will turn on again and the cycle will repeat.

According to the principle of operation, air conditioners are divided into non-inverter and inverter

An inverter air conditioner is more expensive, but it is more beneficial in terms of energy savings. Such devices first lower the temperature in the room to the set one at maximum power, and then switch to the economy mode and maintain the achieved microclimatic indicators.

Inverter air conditioners are capable of operating from 5% to 95% of their rated power. This saves not only money on paying bills for electricity, but also the life of the device.

We hope that our overview of household appliances has helped you orient yourself before moving. If you have any questions — call. We will help you choose the devices, tell you what to look for, give recommendations for operation and maintenance. We also offer professional air conditioning installation services.


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