how to choose an infrared heater

Sometimes, especially in older houses, the main heating system cannot cope with maintaining a comfortable temperature in the home, and people have to save themselves with additional types of heating. The modern market offers us a large selection of additional heating devices, but infrared heaters occupy a special place. They are compact, have a high efficiency, and the heat they produce is environmentally friendly. If you decide which heater to choose, then by choosing an infrared heater you can be sure that your health and the health of your loved ones will be safe. Let’s figure out how to choose the right heater.

Types of infrared heaters

Basically, infrared heaters differ from each other in the principle by which the heat-radiating element is arranged. In total, there are three types of such elements — a heat-radiating plate, a quartz tube and an open spiral. Let’s now look at each type of infrared heater separately.

Many people probably remember infrared heaters with an open spiral as a heat-radiating element. In Soviet times, such a heater was in almost every home. Its spiral was heated red-hot. Today, these heaters are practically not used. They are flammable and, in addition, burn the oxygen in the air, as a result of which the air in the room becomes very dry.

In heaters based on a quartz tube, the heat-radiating element is still the same spiral, only closed with sealed metal. In this case, the air is pumped out of the tube and the problem of dehumidification disappears by itself. These types of infrared heaters have the highest efficiency, but they have some disadvantages. They are connected with the fact that during operation the tube heats up to 700 ° C and, as a result, the dust that has settled on the tube begins to burn. Because of this, an unpleasant smell may appear in the room, and people may experience an allergic reaction.

The infrared heater with a radiant plate consists of a so-called heating element (tubular electric heater) located inside an anodized aluminum profile. This type of heater is the most environmentally friendly and safe. Since it only heats up to 100°C, it does not burn any dust or oxygen. Its only drawback is a quiet crackle, which is caused by some of the physical properties of the stainless steel and aluminum from which the heating element is made.

How to choose the right infrared heater?

After you have decided which infrared heater to choose, or rather which of its types, it’s time to move on to the model range.

Before choosing, carefully inspect the heater plate, its color and texture should be even and uniform. If you choose a heater with a radiant plate (this type is the most suitable for most customers), you should how to choose the right heaterask the sales assistant what thickness of the anodizing layer it has — the layer thickness must be at least 25 microns. When you turn it on for the first time, such a heater may go into thin cracks (cobwebs), but this should not be scared, such a phenomenon is within the permissible range. Find out what material the heating element is made of — in high-quality heaters it is stainless steel. Examine the case of the instrument, especially its back, which is usually unpainted. If you notice traces of rust on it, then this means that on the other side of the heater, paint was applied directly to rusty metal. And over time, rust will show through the paint, and this will not only make your heater unattractive, but also reduce its life.


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