Air conditioner maintenance

precision air conditioner

  • Purpose and types

  • Necessary calculations

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Purpose and types

Precision air conditioners are installed in rooms where it is important to maintain accurate temperature and humidity levels: laboratories, server rooms, data centers, wine cellars, museums and antiques stores.

Precision air conditioners of the brands Airedale, BlueBox, Clint, Clivet, HiRef, Lessar, Liebert (Liebert Hiross), Royal Clima, Stulz, Trane are able to maintain the temperature with an accuracy of ±0.5˚С, as well as the humidity level with an accuracy of ±2%.

Basic requirements for a precision air conditioner:

  • its dimensions should be suitable for an enclosed space, a limited space;

  • power and performance must be sufficient to effectively cool the air;

  • there must be a certain power reserve.

The purpose of precision air conditioners is to provide accurate, set temperature and humidity parameters. The correct operation of equipment (server rooms), the safety of expensive items (museum) or even the health of people (in medical institutions) depend on this. In rooms where these parameters are not critical, conventional air conditioners are installed.

The main types of precision air conditioners:

  • industrial and semi-industrial;

  • for server rooms and data processing centers (DPC);

  • air conditioners for wine cellars and wine cabinets;

  • medical conditioners.

According to the type of construction, there are precision air conditioners inter-row (inter-rack) or cabinet. By type of air intake — with a front, rear or bottom intake; with air, water or mixed type of cooling. Also, precision air conditioners differ in functions — some can only cool, some can only cool and heat; universal — cool, heat, humidify and dehumidify.

Air conditioner maintenance

Necessary calculations

When choosing an air conditioner, for example, for a server room, they begin with measuring the amount of heat in the room. This is important for determining the required power of a precision air conditioner, cooling capacity.

Company GK Aircon

Alexey Lobanov, sales manager AIRCON Group of Companies:

“When it is not possible to use precision air conditioners with remote condensers (too much run length and/or height difference), it is possible to consider liquid-cooled precision air conditioners and dry coolers”

First, data on the heat output of all equipment is added up — information can be found in the technical data sheets of the devices. Increase the power of all light sources. Heat gain from people is taken into account if there are jobs in the room. The amount of heat is also affected by the presence or absence of supply and exhaust ventilation, heating appliances.

After the calculations, the redundancy parameter is set — whether it is necessary to install duplicates for the entire system, or one additional air conditioner.

When choosing an air conditioner, be sure to pay attention to additional options. For example, server and wine cellars are particularly demanding on the level of humidity. Medical air conditioners and air conditioners for operating rooms must ensure the sterility of the air, so they choose the model of precision air conditioner with precise control with additional purification filters.

What is the result

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  1. Decide on the type and design of the precision air conditioner based on the purpose of the room where it will be installed — a server room, operating room or wine cellar.

  2. Calculate the amount of heat in the room to determine the required power.

  3. Put in reserve power, in the case of precisions this is important.

  4. Determine the requirements for additional options.

The best option would be to contact the official equipment supplier. To do this, leave a request on the card of the equipment you are interested in or find out where to buy precision air conditioners. Certified suppliers will help guide you in the installation and subsequent maintenance of precision air conditioners, guarantee qualified diagnostics and competent installation of precision air conditioners.

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Air conditioner maintenance

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