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Tubular electric heater

Tubular electric heaters (TENY) convert electrical energy into heat. They are widely used in industry and everyday life for heating water, air, and other liquids and gases.

When choosing heating elements, it is necessary to consider:

  • power;

  • the shape of the heater;

  • terms of Use.

Tubular electric heaters come in different capacities

To calculate the required power of a water heating element, a special formula is used that takes into account the volume of water and its initial temperature, the temperature to which the water needs to be heated, as well as the time during which this should happen.


P is the power of the heating element, kW;

V is the volume of heated water, liters;

t to — final water temperature, degrees Celsius;

t n — initial water temperature, degrees Celsius;

T — water heating time, h.

Thus, if you want to boil 10 liters of water at room temperature in 10 minutes, you will need a 5.5 kW heating element.

The heaters differ in shape

The metal tube — the basis of the heating element, can be bent to give the heater the desired shape. The most common are straight, bent in half, made in the form of a boiler heating elements.

The shape of the heating element is changed in order to increase the heat exchange area. A curved heater is more compact and can fit into a smaller device than a straight one.

Please note, if the heating element is out of order, then it must be replaced with a heater of the same shape and with the same bending angle.

Popular Models

Block TEN water Delsot 3

Tubular electric heaters UMT TEN

Tubular electric heaters for air VNIIETO 30A16/0.35S36

Heating elements (tubular electric heaters): all models

There are heating elements for use in different environments

  • water,

  • air,

  • metal,

  • oil,

  • aggressive environment.

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The metal tube of the heating element can be made of various materials: stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, sometimes with an additional protective coating. The choice of metal depends on the environment in which the heater is located, its temperature and aggressiveness.

For example, stainless steel heating elements are used to heat air, water, acidic solutions and aggressive environments.

If you do not know which tubular electric heater is suitable for your device, contact the specialists who will offer you a standard model or manufacture a heating element according to your individual parameters.

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