It is always cold in Russia, many foreigners think so. Indeed, winter is coming and people are starting to freeze — it happens that it is quite cool in your house (there are different situations) — the question arises, what to do? Buy a heater! Many do not think that even this “warming” thing should be chosen consciously. Do not immediately take the first one that comes across, the price is not at all the main criterion when choosing a heater.

Main criteria

Power is the main characteristic of any heater. It depends on it the area that the heater is able to heat. For each square meter of area, 100W of power is required. But you need to understand that in the house the heater is often used as an additional tool, so the power indicator can be much lower.

If other sources of heat are present and the heater, as is most often the case, is bought as an additional source of heat, then a heater with a power of 800 to 1 thousand watts can be enough for the same twelve-meter room.

Before buying, inspect the heater carefully, for example, oil heaters and other types may have a power regulator. Thus, you can control the level of heat in the room.

It is important to understand that heaters are chosen for a specific task. For example, if you need an uninterrupted supply of heat, it is better to choose a convector or oil heater. If you need speed, fast heating, it is better to buy a fan heater.

Types of heaters

fan heaters

The most popular is the fan heater. He received his popularity for a reason, a distinctive feature from his fellow tribesmen is a low price (some 300 rubles). It is also worth noting that such a device performs two functions at once! It is not necessary to warm up the room, you can use only the fan! Therefore, both in the summer and cold seasons — this thing will be relevant.

The fan heater does not take up much space, so you can travel with it! The main function of the fan heater performs at 100% — the room quickly «heats up». For example, if you come home and it’s cold outside, then buying a fan heater is a great option!

Choose a device with a ceramic heating element. Why? The apartment warms up even faster, and such a “miracle” consumes much less energy.

Speaking about the properties of a fan heater, it is impossible not to point out the minuses. The fan makes a lot of noise. They are also quite flammable, not recommended if you have children.

Oil electric heaters

The devices are filled with mineral oil. What process allows you to «heat» the air in the room? The oil heats up, and therefore the body — well, then the air and you are already warm. It works like a battery: heat exchange takes place — cold air enters the electric heater, but it comes out already warm. They do not make noise and are safe — their main strong point is «low price» with great positive qualities. Do not worry, even if you fall asleep — safety is guaranteed.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting a decent weight! As a rule, an oil-fired electric heater is sold with wheels, no doubt you can roll it into another room. Unlike a fan heater, it warms up the room much longer. Although now there are models that speed up the heating process — but they are much more expensive.

Before buying, you should ask — how many sections does the radiator have? The more, the faster the process of «heating». Therefore, there is a big difference between five sections and nine.

Convector heaters

Non-standard, and at the same time useful, is the converter type of heater. The metal pipe heats up, the air passes through the pipe and rushes up. That is, again, heat transfer occurs.

Video instruction for choosing a convector heater is presented below:

This type can be installed on the floor or mounted on the wall. It also does not make noise and is safe — absolutely identical characteristics when compared with an oil-filled electric heater. The cost starts from 1,000 rubles and above.

Infrared heaters

Rarely does anyone use this type of heater. A lamp that emits rays, but as a result, the air does not heat up, but only objects — and those already, are “carriers” of heat to everything else.

It can be used on the street, for this reason — many people buy such heaters specifically for giving. They warm up a separate zone and small rooms well. A significant disadvantage of such a device is the high price, which starts from 3,000 rubles.

About the benefits and dangers of an infrared heater — read here.

Which heater is best?

Vitek VT-2101

A cheap and efficient heater model called Vitek VT-2101. The cost of this unit is 1800 rubles — a power of 1500W, which is quite low — despite this indicator, it is capable of maintaining a consistently high temperature in a small room. For an apartment — this is an excellent choice, but on condition that the temperature in the room is not lower than -10. The buyer has the ability to adjust the temperature, and the device is also equipped with protection against overheating. There is only a small drawback — noise when heated.

Polaris PCSH 1020HD

Another good unit is the Polaris PCSH 1020HD! Has two modes of heating, is capable to «heat» the area in 24 sq.m. It has two whole spectrums of protection against overheating and shutdown in case of rollover. The set includes: timer, display, special remote control. The cost at the moment is about 3,000 rubles. Many buyers say that this is a really effective product. Heats great, but quite unstable in vertical form!

Rolsen RTH-2777RT

The Rolsen RTH-2777RT fan heater is a dream! Indeed, without exception, everyone speaks in a positive way about this heater. Included: remote control and timer. You can put it on the floor, if it overheats, it turns off, the same happens when it falls. Standard power is from 1.2 to 2.2kW. Weight — 3 kg. The cost is only 1800 rubles! Great purchase for the home!

Three main benefits:

  1. Great design
  2. Low price
  3. Stable work

Finally, we recommend watching a video on choosing a heater to summarize what was said in the article:

Thus, the choice of a heater depends on many nuances — an apartment or a cottage, speed or time, price or quality. Take your time, choose a quality heater that will serve you for many years!


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