how to choose a gas wall-mounted double-circuit boiler

Heating and hot water are those conveniences that it is very difficult for any person to do without. In order to ensure their availability at home, you will need to purchase a boiler.

How to choose a gas wall-mounted double-circuit boiler, we will talk today.

What kind of boilers exist?

There are gas and electric boilers. Electrical appliances often experience problems due to power outages. Therefore, we advise you to stop at gas boilers. They are single and double sided. Double-circuit gas boilers are good because they are responsible for hot water and heating. They are a mini-boiler room. Single-circuit devices are only responsible for the heat in your room, you will also have to buy a boiler for them.

Wall or floor?

Floor gas double-circuit boilers are much more massive than wall-mounted ones. If the area of ​​housing does not exceed 300 sq. m, we advise you to opt for a wall-mounted double-circuit boiler. It is much cheaper and is easily connected to the heating system, water supply points.

How to start choosing a gas wall-mounted boiler?

Among the huge number of companies and functions of a double-circuit gas boiler, you can get confused. Here are the main criteria you should pay attention to:

  1. Power. Determining the power of the boiler is quite simple. You need to take the area in square meters. m of your premises and divide by ten. Get the exact number. I advise you to add spare 12 kW to it. Then you will not be afraid of interruptions. The power of the boiler can be viewed in those passports.
  2. Level of comfort and ease of use. Of course, the best wall-mounted double-circuit gas boilers are those with automatic system control. They differ from each other in step-by-step power adjustment. The best option is a two-stage adjustment. It will allow you to adjust the heating of water manually. You can set it to a minimum in a warm autumn or a maximum in a cold winter. Compared to a single-stage adjustment, it is less at risk of breakage. A three-stage boiler model, of course, is more convenient than a two-stage one, but it costs much more.
  3. Automatic control unit. This is a fairly important part of your boiler. It shows the heating temperature, as well as possible breakdowns in the system that can be fixed in time. The more functions the unit displays, the higher the cost of the boiler itself.
  4. Chimney. If you already have a chimney or a special hole for it, then you should choose a chimney gas boiler. If this is not available, and you do not want to break through the walls, then pay attention to the gas wall-mounted turbocharged double-circuit boiler. They have an internal combustion system. They are also able to independently suck in fresh air for combustion. Usually, a special fan for such boilers is installed on the outside of the house. They significantly exceed the price of chimney devices.
  5. Normal or Condensing. Wall-mounted double-circuit condensing gas boilers are more profitable. They use the latent heat and cause the steam to condense, which will reduce your home heating costs.

Manufacturer’s choice

Before you open a lot of options for brands and countries of origin. European, Korean, American double-circuit wall-mounted boilers are not inferior to each other in design and functionality. But it’s worth paying attentionbest wall-mounted double-circuit gas boiler on the sensitivity of the coolant, the ability to adapt exactly to your place of distribution of water and heating. Boilers of some companies can immediately break down due to a power surge, so you will have to buy a voltage stabilizer with them. One of the leading manufacturers of wall-mounted double-circuit gas boilers is Viessmann. The boilers of this company are easy to set up, easy to use and easy to install. Viessmann wall-mounted gas boilers have already been adapted to the water supply and heating system in Russia. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to this company. The cost of such a boiler is approximately $ 650 — 1000.

As you can see, choosing a wall-mounted gas double-circuit boiler is not so difficult, the main thing is to decide on your needs and the size of an acceptable budget.


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