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In the previous article “What is an air dryer”, we have already figured out that an air dryer will save your apartment, office or warehouse from high humidity, dampness and mold. This is a device that is able to remove excess moisture from the air, drying it.

However, in order to choose the best dehumidifier for your needs, just a definition is not enough. You need to carefully study the main characteristics of the equipment in order to understand exactly what you need.

  • Type of

  • Technology

  • Installation method

  • Additional functions

Type of

All dehumidifiers can be divided into 3 categories: household, industrial and pool dehumidifiers.

Household dehumidifiers air, as the name implies, are designed for installation in apartments or offices. They differ in compactness, mobility and low productivity — from 12 to 50 liters per day, which, however, is enough to ensure a comfortable stay in the room.

Industrial dryers respectively installed, for example, in production halls. Here, equipment is used to quickly remove moisture generated during technological processes, or to maintain a certain predetermined level of humidity for the normal course of the production process. Here, the daily output can already be several thousand liters.

Pool dehumidifiers are also used in water parks in order to make the stay of visitors in these rooms more comfortable.

Here the choice is quite simple. Buy a dehumidifier that suits the space you want to dehumidify.

Popular Models

Dehumidifier DanVex 300

Industrial mobile dehumidifiers Remko 40-E

Dehumidifier DST Seibu Giken AQ-30

Air dryers: all models


How does air dehumidification work with household appliances?

adsorption devices contain a special filler — an adsorbent that absorbs moisture from the surrounding air. Most often, such dehumidifiers are used in warehouses where cereals, sugar, dried fruits and other food products that require low humidity are stored. The disadvantage of this drying method is the need for regular replacement of the adsorbent.

Compressor dryers They work by condensing water vapor. Getting on the cold surface of the device, moisture from the air condenses and flows into a special container, which must be emptied periodically. The rest of the air, passing through the heated radiator, returns to the room. The latter process is necessary in order to avoid lowering the air temperature. Some models of compressor dryers can be connected to a pipe that will continuously drain water, for example, into the sewer system.

Dehumidifiers operating on the principle condensation , have the highest performance. True, it is accompanied by a rather impressive size of the device, which, when performing its duties, is quite noticeably noisy — the noise level can reach 60 dB and above.

Condensation dryer Dantherm 45

In addition, there are dehumidifiers that replace humid air with drier air. Such devices are called rotary absorption : air passes through a rotating rotor, leaving moisture on its walls. These dehumidifiers are less noisy (about 40 dB), but their performance is lower.

Both domestic and industrial dehumidifiers can operate using any of these technologies.

Installation method

In stores you can find stationary and mobile dehumidifiers.

Mobile — compact, often on wheels, they are easy to transport from room to room. Such a device is well suited for a small apartment.

Stationary dehumidifiers are installed in a certain place and are characterized by higher performance. They are installed in industrial enterprises, museums, hospitals and other facilities where it is necessary to constantly maintain a given level of air humidity.

Additional functions

Among other things, dehumidifiers can be additionally equipped with a timer, humidity sensor, digital control system and even fans.

So, when choosing an air dryer, first of all, you need to pay attention to its performance, which shows how many liters of water the device can extract from the air over a certain period of time, most often per day. In addition, it is important to take into account the noise level emitted by the device. If for an industrial workshop this indicator may seem insignificant, then a loud dehumidifier installed in an apartment can drastically worsen living conditions. Well, as for additional features, remember that they, as a rule, mean an additional amount to the price.

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