How to choose a climate complex?


Climatic systems today are confidently pulling the popularity of traditional and ultrasonic humidifiers. These sophisticated appliances combine the qualities of a humidifier and a multi-stage air purifier.

To make the indoor air crystal clear, a sequential filter system is used. First, the air passes through a coarse filter, getting rid of large particles of pollution, then through a carbon filter (it gets rid of foreign odors and smoke) and, finally, an anti-allergic HEPA filter, thanks to which 99.97% of fine particles of dust, pollen, and pathogens are eliminated. bacteria and viruses.

Cleaning steps

Various manufacturers also develop their own filters for climate systems, so when buying, pay attention to the number of purification steps and the technologies used. The more cleaning steps your climate complex has, the better the result you will get. But keep in mind that many filters require regular replacement — so make sure that you can find consumables for your climate control in the future and they will not become a source of high costs.

As a result of this treatment, the air is cleared of smog, tobacco smoke and unpleasant odors. If you want the air in the house to be not only the cleanest, but also healthy, you should buy a climate complex with a built-in ionizer. The ionizer effectively saturates the air with negative ions, making it look like a sea breeze and protecting you from viruses and bacteria.

Climate complexes are quite large and take up more free space than other household humidifiers, so they are best suited for large facilities — from spacious apartments and cottages to restaurants and beauty salons.

Additional options

Some devices, in addition to humidification and purification, are also capable of cooling and heating the air. In addition, the devices can be used for aromatherapy, after inserting the appropriate capsule into the device. Such an abundance of additional features can amaze the imagination, but before buying, think about which of them will be really useful to you, because you do not want to receive a high-tech complex device that you will not use.

Since climatic complexes humidify the air by natural evaporation, they are inferior in performance (humidity level is limited to 60%) to ultrasonic and steam humidifiers. But it is precisely because of this that they will save you from the danger of excessive moisture in the room and the appearance of dampness.

Service area

Make sure that the indicators for the serviced area of ​​cleaning and humidification for a particular climate complex match the parameters of your premises.

But climatic complexes have a built-in timer, and the device can usually be controlled via a touch screen. At the same time, such devices consume relatively little electricity. A large number of possibilities and an extremely high degree of purification make climate complexes reliable assistants for creating a healthy and pleasant microclimate in any room.


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