For a comfortable stay in a hotel, an important factor, along with service and quality of service, is the creation of favorable parameters for the microclimate of the premises. These parameters include humidity, composition and mobility of indoor air, temperature conditions, etc. The tasks of heating include maintaining the internal air temperature during the cold season for a comfortable stay of a person.

The type of heating system for a hotel building is determined by technical and economic calculations, the presence of one or another heat source and other individual features of the object. Let us consider in more detail the possible types of heating for the hotel.

  • Water heating

  • Electric heating

  • air heating

  • Energy saving measures

Water heating

The sources of heat for water heating can be a CHPP serving the whole area, or a boiler house for a group of buildings or a local (individual) boiler house. An important place in the boiler room is occupied by the boiler itself. Depending on the type of energy carrier, boilers can be gas, solid fuel, liquid fuel, combined and electric.

When heat is supplied from external heat networks, it is necessary to install an individual heat point or control unit, because The CHP supplies the city with superheated water with parameters not suitable for the heating systems of the building.

Hotel heating

Water with the required parameters is supplied through the pipeline system to the heating devices in the premises, which give off the required calculated amount of heat. As heating devices, it is possible to use both radiators and convectors. The latter can also be successfully used in the presence of large external glazing, including convectors of low height or built into the floor structure.

To create more comfortable conditions in hotel rooms, you can use a water-heated floor system. In this case, loops of pipes are laid in the floor structure, through which heated water circulates. The water temperature in the underfloor heating system is lower than in the heating system, therefore, as a rule, underfloor heating circuits are designed as separate branches from the heating system. To reduce the temperature, special mixing units are used.

If the hotel premises are equipped with a chiller-fan coil air conditioning system, then this system can be used for heating during the cold season. In this case, it is convenient to use a four-pipe system with special fan coil units. Chilled water (or antifreeze) will circulate through one pair of pipes during the warm season, and hot water from the heating point will circulate through the second pair of pipes during the cold season. It is also possible to use a two-pipe system, for which it is necessary to ensure the possibility of connecting the hydraulic system with fan coil units in the cold season to the heating substation of the building.

For space heating during the transition period of the year (autumn, spring), it is possible to use a chiller with a heat pump function.

Popular Models

Aluminum radiators Global ISEO

Bimetal radiator Russian radiator RRC500*80BM

Steel tubular radiators KZTO «Radiator» RS and RSK

Water heaters: all models

Electric heating

If it is impossible to organize water heating and if there is sufficient electric power, the heating of the hotel can be made electric. It should be noted that the cost of electricity is relatively high, so a feasibility study will be useful in this case as well. It is convenient to use electric convectors as heating devices for an electric heating system. They are mounted on the wall of the room and have a modern pleasant appearance. There are also skirting electric convectors. They are not called skirting boards by chance, since they are installed along the floor surface and have a low building height. Many modern electric convectors can be combined into an electric heating system with a single control device.

Another way of electric heating that is worthy of attention is an electric underfloor heating. In this case, a special electrical cable is laid in the floor structure, and not pipes for the passage of water. Electric underfloor heating can also be used in combination with a water heating system, for example, for bathrooms and toilets.

air heating

Air heating is usually used in underground car parks (if available in the hotel) or large rooms, such as winter gardens. This type of heating can be combined with supply ventilation using partial air recirculation, or it can be implemented using air-heating units that do not provide outside air.

Energy saving measures

To reduce the heat losses of the building (and, as a result, reduce the heat output of the heating system), energy saving measures are necessary. Heat transfer resistance of enclosing structures (walls, windows, coatings and ceilings) of newly constructed and reconstructed buildings must comply with new standards (SNiP «Thermal Protection of Buildings»). To automatically control the heat output, thermostats are installed on the connections to the heating devices, which can prevent excessive heat consumption in the room. To prevent cold air from entering the hotel building during the cold season, the entrance vestibules are equipped with air-thermal curtains.

It should be noted that the process of creating heating, as well as other building engineering systems, must be entrusted to specialists. The help of professionals at the stages of design, installation, adjustment and maintenance of heating will allow you to create an operating system, taking into account your wishes, but within the framework of existing regulatory documents.

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