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For heating residential premises, the modern market presents just a huge selection of all kinds of heaters for every taste and budget. These are gas ceramic heaters and heat guns, fan heaters and convectors.

Standing apart is the technique that does not heat the room, but serves as an addition to the main type of heating. It includes a wall-mounted infrared heater-picture. Not everyone is familiar with this gadget, because it appeared with us not so long ago. Let’s find out what it is good for and whether it is worth buying it for yourself as additional heating.

What is a flexible picture heater?

At the word heater, a bulky metal structure or a buzzing fan heater rises before your eyes, but not a beautifully hanging panel depicting nature or animals on the hay.

This innovation combines lightness (the product weighs only 600 grams), ease of use, safety and economy. Wall heater picture consists of two layers of heat-resistant film, soldered together.

Inside there is a carbon thread, which instantly heats the surface of the film up to 70°C. This temperature will not allow a person to get burned when touched and will effectively heat the room. The painting is made 1.2 meters long and 60 wide. At the top and bottom, the film is edged with a wooden plank, which prevents it from adhering closely to the wall, heating it.

To heat a room of 15 sq.m. it will be enough to purchase one panel. If the room is larger, then you can hang them as much as you like, or place the picture directly next to the person — above the sofa, bed, near the table.

Advantages of the picture heater

The film picture is not afraid of moisture, and therefore can be used not only in rooms, but also in the bathroom, in the kitchen or even in the garage. But its main advantage is hygiene, no harm to the human body, including small children.

On the contrary, as you know, infrared radiation fills the room with “useful” heat. It heals the body, does not burn out, does not dry the air, like many heating household appliances, which means that such a picture is a wonderful purchase from both an aesthetic and medical point of view.

In the summer, when there is no need for heating, the film picture can be completely removed — it is rolled into a compact roll that fits on any cabinet shelf, without occupying any usable space at all.

Ease of use

The main advantage of a heater in the form of a picture or a panel with decor is its ease of use. Indeed, in order to use this type of heating, it is enough just to hang it on a carnation in the wall and plug it into the network. No additional settings are required. The warming picture-heater is suitable both for living quarters, flexible heater pictureand for offices, because thanks to all sorts of colors and ornaments, it is easy to fit into any interior without losing its aesthetic qualities.


Of the various advantages of this product, the most basic is that such a heater in the form of a picture is economical. This means that compared to other heating sources, it spends five times less electricity than its counterparts.

The power that it consumes is only 400W, while oil heaters and the like draw at least 2000W. The heater in the form of a picture does not need any adapters, because, like any room electrical equipment, a 220 V network is required.

A film picture-heater will be an excellent gift for friends and relatives for any holiday, because it will become not only a decoration, but will warm, save and improve the health of those who will use it.


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