Furnaces with a water circuit for giving

Today, the variety of heating appliances for the home is very large. These are all kinds of gas, electric and solid fuel boilers and furnaces. They are used both for heating private mansions and in small country country houses. And one of the most convenient for summer cottages are stoves with a water circuit.

Such units are usually used as the main source of heating, and for a large house, a stove with a water circuit can also become a source of additional heating. Let’s take a look at their features.

How does a water circuit oven work?

It is a steel container with thick (4-8 mm) walls. The heat exchanger is built into the furnace or into the chimney. Exhaust gases from the burning fuel heat the water in the heat exchanger, and then it, circulating through the system, heats the whole house. There are small ovens, with one tank, and more powerful ones, using several at once. In such devices, water is heated in the first tank, and water vapor is formed in the rest, giving additional heat. Multi-tank ovens are slightly more efficient.

Advantages and disadvantages of «water» ovens

To benefits such devices include:

  • affordable prices;
  • a wide choice of fuels (a stove with a water circuit can run on wood, coal, sawdust, peat, etc.);
  • the operation of the furnace does not require the supply of electricity;
  • jacketed stoves can be connected to an underfloor heating system, and the water circuit itself is usually installed to heat the entire house.

Among shortcomings furnaces, we note a lower efficiency than that of modern heating boilers.

What are water circuit ovens?

In addition to the usual country stoves with a water circuit, there are more Fireplace stoves with a water circuit for givingimproved models. These are devices that also have a closed water circuit, but they are more efficient than standard ovens. This can be, for example, a pellet stove with a water circuit: it works on wood pellets that are automatically fed into the furnace using an auger or pneumatics. It is also not uncommon for country houses to buy units that combine the functions of a boiler and titanium.

The design of the heating devices is also very different. Very popular today, for example, fireplace stoves with a water circuit for summer cottages. They are installed not in a separate furnace room, but in the living room, because they look presentable and bring a touch of homeliness to the countryside environment.


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