In our time, it is easy to purchase convenient, economical heating devices: stoves, fireplaces, which would correspond to the size of the room and would have the necessary characteristics. Very good heaters are sold in the Bagira company, to make sure of this, it is recommended to go to the company’s website bestkaminy.ru and get acquainted with the electronic catalog.


The Bagira company has been operating on the market for many years, selling heating appliances in Moscow and the region, and also delivering them to anywhere in Russia.

The fireplace in the house occupies a significant place, it is not only a source of heat in the cold season, but also carries an aesthetic load, being part of the interior of the room. A modern fireplace heats up to 50 square meters without much difficulty, its warmth creates an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.


Technical features

The efficiency of the units reaches 80%. The convection cycle allows heat to spread evenly throughout the room, to remain in it for a long time. The outer cladding is made of a special material with a high strength factor, the door made of heavy-duty glass allows you to see the dynamics of the combustion process. The design of the fireplace is simple, it consists of a combustion chamber and lining. In the furnace can burn:

  • peat;

  • firewood;

  • coal;

  • gas.

In the electric hearth, steam is illuminated, which heats the room. In wood or gas construction, a chimney is additionally attached. The fireboxes themselves can be of different configurations and volumes. The cladding is edging the firebox, it is made from a variety of materials. On the portal of the Bagheera store there are a variety of linings in the catalog, you can order any of them.

Under the cladding, as a rule, various fireboxes are selected. A fireplace box is also mounted in the cladding, which gives a certain charm to the whole structure. In the catalog of the company «Bagheera» you can find fireplaces of the following types:

  1. Wood burning fireplaces.

  2. Biofireplaces.

  3. Electrical units.

  4. Gas fireplaces.


Portal «Bagheera» compares favorably with blocks:

  • various configurations of furnaces;

  • facings;

  • power;

  • working principle.

From a variety of modifications, you can choose an acceptable product that will meet the required parameters and cost. Write applications, call the hotline. All relevant questions will be answered by a specialist, he will also provide consulting information.

Source: TopClimat.ru


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