When water is sprayed, slight natural ionization occurs. The effect of freshness, characteristic of spray systems, is explained by slight adiabatic air cooling and ionization during water spraying (balloelectric effect).

The balloelectric effect is the phenomenon of electrification of a liquid during fine crushing. At waterfalls, on sea coasts, above the sea surface, when the wind blows, microscopic drops break away from the surface of the water and transfer an electric charge to the air — ionized particles are formed. The increased content of such particles in the air has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes in the body, reduces fatigue and improves immunity.

Why is indoor air worse than outdoors?  How to deal with it?

Air ionization is a natural process for nature. In addition to crushing water, ionization actively occurs in the mountains (due to solar radiation), during thunderstorms. Indoors, the content of ions in the air is tens and hundreds of times less than outdoors, which is associated with a subjective feeling of deterioration in air quality.

The balloelectric effect is characteristic only for polar liquids, which include water. This means that the centers of positive and negative charges in the molecule do not coincide. At the boundary, polar molecules line up oriented — a double electric layer is formed. When water collides with a solid surface (during sea surf and near waterfalls) or spraying (over the sea with wind and when moistened by direct spraying), tiny droplets come off the surface, which carry an uncompensated charge into the air.

Oxygen molecules2 actively attract negative charges to themselves to fill the outer electron shell and turn into O ions2.

The presence of air ions in the air is subjectively perceived as freshness and reminds of a vacation on the sea coast or in the mountains.

Spray humidification systems recreate the natural water mechanism. This favorably distinguishes light ionization when spraying water from ionizers operating due to an electric discharge.

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Source: Buhler-AHS Russia


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