Frame and tent structures - we remove dampness with a dehumidifier

What is the important requirement for frame-tent structures? To create the most comfortable conditions for a long stay of people under this canopy. Particularly serious should be taken to the construction of tents designed to accommodate a large number of people. For example, it can be: tent camps for youth groups, a tent for a wedding or other mass event, a temporary settlement for refugees or seasonal workers, etc.

But in cold periods, unlike warm periods, it is quite difficult to maintain conditions appropriate for long / short-term stay of people. Because at this time frame-tent structures begin to heat up, which leads to a serious problem — high humidity. And dampness, in turn, entails a number of unpleasant consequences: the appearance of mold and fungus, the appearance of rust, damage to things and objects; deterioration in people’s well-being.

How can you simply, effectively and permanently get rid of excess moisture in the premises of frame and tent structures? Install an air dryer. Exactly why dampness occurs in such structures, what is the danger of ignoring the problem of high humidity and what devices will help in the fight against this — is described in the article below. Read on!

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Why does dampness occur in the premises of frame-tent structures?

If a large number of people gather under one roof, this invariably leads to a climate problem, in particular, to a significant increase in humidity levels. In winter, when heating the premises, along with the increase in temperature, the moisture content in the atmosphere also increases.

Why is this happening? Because of the dew point, when the air currents cool down so much that they are no longer able to hold water vapor. A thin tarpaulin awning, which serves as the walls and ceiling of the structure, cools under the influence of external low temperatures and, in contact with the warm air of the room, forms condensate on the surface. As a result, the walls and ceiling begin to «cry», creating many puddles on the floor.

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At the same time, the more and longer people stay in the premises of frame-tent structures, the higher the level of humidity rises. This is also due to the fact that the person himself, inhaling and exhaling air, is a source of increasing moisture in the atmosphere. If you do not keep dampness within the normal range, negative consequences cannot be avoided.

The danger of high humidity in frame-tent structures

If you “close your eyes” to dampness in the premises of frame-tent structures, the consequences can be irreversible.

Let us consider in more detail how exactly high humidity affects buildings:

The textile components of the furnishings become wet and begin to deteriorate.

Furniture, depending on the material, is deformed, rusted or crumbled.

A persistent musty smell of dampness “settles” inside the premises.

All sorts of harmful formations (fungus, mold) develop quickly and actively.

The physical and psychological health of people is deteriorating.

The chances of spreading infectious and cold diseases increase.

In addition to the fact that the frame-tent structures themselves become unusable, people suffer from dampness in the premises. If in the first case it leads to financial expenses, then in the second case the consequences can be much more serious.

Only professional dehumidifiers can cope with increased dampness — more on this in the next section. Read!

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Choosing a dehumidifier for frame and tent structures

It should be said right away that household desiccants will not cope with the humidity in such rooms. Here you need industrial air dryers from reliable manufacturers, such as: Cooper & Hunter, Dantherm, DT Group, Trotec, Celsius, Master, etc.

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We advise you to choose mobile devices for frame and tent structures. Because these models

They are easily transported and, if necessary, they can be quickly moved to another room.

Effectively take away all excess moisture from the air, even on large square areas.

They are simply controlled and do not require constant human control.

They serve a long period — up to 10 years, subject to proper operation.

Designed for operation in a wide range of external temperatures: -15-+35°С / -30-+40°С / 5-35°С / 1-35°С.

Manufactured from sheet steel capable of withstanding even extreme conditions of use.

In addition, mobile dehumidifiers operate quite quietly, so they will not disturb people inside the frame-tent structures.

*** If the area of ​​premises is limited, i.e. there is simply no extra space for installing climate equipment, we recommend choosing external adsorption dryers. Even being on the street, the units perfectly cope with the increased humidity in the premises and at the same time do not “steal” the usable area.

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