Floor air conditioners: on the road with a breeze


As you know, you need to prepare a sleigh in the summer. The higher the temperature on the street, the cheaper the prices become and the more surprised the looks of passersby who meet a person with primordially winter paraphernalia. As for winter, it is not necessary to buy bathing suits and air mattresses — it is much more practical to buy a floor air conditioner, since the peak of demand for them falls precisely at the beginning of the hot season. Those who do not want to crowd in queues do just that — “prepare the air conditioner in the winter.”

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For people who are constantly on a business trip, the problem of choice is particularly acute. As well as the problem of time and place. Huge boxes that require installation often cause headaches for «commanders», and the complexity of management makes them resolutely abandon such a boon of civilization as air conditioners. However, miniature fans are not yet in vogue, and the technology market is already advertising an innovation with might and main — mobile (floor) air conditioners.

The advantages of the novelty are more than enough. It is enough just to put the floor air conditioner in the trunk and travel with it even to the ends of the world. Arriving at the place, you do not need to torment yourself with doubts about where to place it and how to manage it. Firstly, the mobile air conditioner has wheels that allow it to be easily moved from room to room, and secondly, it does not require installation. The system works quite simply — you just need to plug it into a socket and bring the end of the corrugated hose out. In addition, like a conventional air conditioner, the compact device is complemented by remote controls, which will save the owner from unnecessary running around. For lovers of comfort, there are timers, temperature indicators, operating speeds, an energy saving mode, and also ionizers, coupled with air purifiers.

If you decide to buy a mobile air conditioner, then you need to consider that there are different types of this equipment. In floor-standing monoblocks, drainage is discharged either into a condensate trap or enters the street through a corrugated hose. Mobile split systems have a slightly different device: freon tubes and electrical communications are located in a flexible hose. Such systems operate in heat pump mode, while mobile monoblocks have electric heating.

However, like any technique, there are some pitfalls when using floor air conditioners. One of the most significant drawbacks is excessive noise, the level of which averages 50-55 dB. Even the quietest models with a noise level of 35 dB give in to split systems. Another disadvantage of monoblocks is the rapid filling of a special water collector. In some cases, it is required to drain the accumulated water and restart the mobile air conditioner every few hours, which greatly complicates the operation process.

In addition, floor air conditioners are undesirable for children or people suffering from allergic diseases, since they remove a fairly tangible amount of moisture from the air. Experts offer to solve the problem in different ways: use a humidifier, or resort to the old proven method — place several containers of water in the room.

However, all these technical shortcomings with which the mobile air conditioner is “awarded” lose significantly in front of its main trump card — a fairly low price and mobility, which is what manufacturers are betting on.

Catalog of mobile air conditioners


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