Features of mobile air conditioners

Mobile (floor) air conditioners are of two types: monoblocks and split systems.


In a monoblock, all elements of the refrigeration circuit are assembled under one housing, which is placed indoors. Hot air from it is discharged to the street through a corrugated duct, the length of which often does not exceed a couple of meters.
The convenience of a monoblock is that it does not need installation: it is enough to plug it into a socket, and bring the air duct out through a window or a hole in the wall.
For most mobile monoblocs, condensate is drained through a drain hose. Often it is lowered into a bucket or inserted into an air duct to discharge condensate to the street. Although there are already models where a condensate tank is built in.
Mobile air conditioners, which not only cool but also heat the air, do not use a heat pump, like a split system, but a heating element.

Features of mobile air conditioners

1.Air outlet
2.Blinds turning right and left
3. Damper blocking the air outlet
4.Control panel
5. Flexible duct
7.Air outlet for outdoor air
8. Hole for air flow from the street
9.Drainage hose
10. Condensate drain hole
11. Electric wire

Mobile split system

A mobile air conditioner is also a split system, which occupies an intermediate position between a wall-mounted split system and a mobile monoblock. In the external unit of such an air conditioner, only a condenser and a fan are located.

Features of mobile air conditioners

Therefore, it turns out that the indoor unit of a mobile split system is noisy, heavy and large, since the compressor is located in it, and the outdoor unit is light and compact, it is not mounted at all, but simply hung out of the window on brackets or belts. Like all split systems, mobiles are heated by a heat pump.
A flexible tube connects the outdoor and indoor units. It contains electrical communications and freon tubes. This tube is passed through a small hole in the wall open or through a window.

Features of mobile air conditioners


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