Recuperation using enthalpy recuperators is by far the most promising technology; DAIKIN, ZEHNDER and Mitsubishi have already begun to master it. However, unfortunately, many technical and economic problems do not allow recuperation to be as affordable as conventional supply ventilation.

TURKOV air handling units with heat and moisture recovery are able to provide stable heat recovery without condensate and preheating with an efficiency of 85% in conditions up to -35°C. The units are equipped with a three-stage enthalpy heat exchanger. The secret of frost resistance of installations is not only in enthalpy heat exchangers, but also in multi-stage heat recovery. The combination of the two technologies made it possible to mount the equipment in any position, and ensures stable operation of the units even in Siberian conditions.

Enthalpy heat exchanger in air handling units

The enthalpy heat exchanger is designed to recover heat and moisture from the exhaust air to the supply air. Along with the transfer of moisture, a part of the implicit heat is also transferred from the exhaust air to the supply air, thereby increasing the enthalpy efficiency of the heat exchanger. The working area is made of a polymer membrane that allows water molecules to pass from the exhaust (humidified) air and transfer it to the supply (dry) air. The mixing of exhaust and supply flows in the heat exchanger does not occur, since moisture is passed through the membrane by diffusion. The heat exchanger plate has the property of a sponge, which allows the heat exchanger to absorb a certain amount of moisture without condensation on the surface of the heat exchanger plates.

Enthalpy heat exchanger in air handling units

All units of the series are equipped with automation and control panel. Automation is fully configured and connected to all actuators of the installation. The Monocontroller V.2 controller used in is TURKOV’s own development. It was based on the controller, which participated in the scientific experiments of Moscow State University. Lomonosov on the MIR space station. The device is designed to control ventilation equipment. Automation is easily integrated to the «smart home» via the MODBUS protocol via the 485 interface.

Enthalpy heat exchanger in air handling units Enthalpy heat exchanger in air handling units

The COOL-HECO cooling section is optionally connected to the air handling units, and the condenser section from the compressor and condensing unit (CCU) can be installed on the exhaust duct of the air handling unit, this allows the compressor part of the CCU to be mounted indoors in the same place where the air handling unit is installed . This solution allows you to get away from the use of outdoor units of the air conditioner.

Air handling units with an enthalpy heat exchanger can significantly save energy. Below are the heat recovery data.

Enthalpy heat exchanger in air handling units
Enthalpy heat exchanger in air handling units

Today, TURKOV is developing a new type of heat exchanger, which will increase the technical characteristics of both the heat exchanger and the equipment produced. The guarantee for recuperators produced by the company is 7 years.

Enthalpy heat exchanger in air handling units

The article was provided by specialists of the Turkov Company and placed as an advertisement.

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