Eliminate moisture.  Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products

In the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, each enterprise must adhere to all necessary standards and recommendations for maintaining the microclimate of the premises. The indoor climate is a very important component in the manufacturing process of any product, especially when it comes to the production of pharmaceutical products. In this article, we will consider the most optimal solutions for maintaining the microclimate in any production room. It is worth noting that it is these methods that will allow any enterprise to improve the quality of manufacturing pharmaceutical products, extend the service life of its equipment and increase the duration of product storage processes.

Therefore, in order to achieve all of the above requirements, it is necessary to normalize the increased level of air humidity in the production room. Since uncontrolled indoor air humidity leads to the following problems, such as:

1. The presence of condensate on all surfaces of the equipment, walls and ceilings of the production room. In the event that you find condensation during your work, then know that this factor is the main cause of mold and mildew. At the same time, condensate itself is excess moisture in the room, that is, condensate is an accumulation of air moisture that cannot be eliminated by the ventilation system. That is why attention should be paid to such a factor in the first place.

2. Incorrect work during the manufacturing process, namely the formation of various lumps, sticking of the product during the transportation of hygroscopic components. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that the final product, namely tablets, will always deteriorate significantly, which will only lead to an increase in the manufacture of defective products.

3. Decrease in productivity when drying hard and soft gelatin capsules, which ultimately will at least negatively affect the time spent on manufacturing.

4. The presence of mold and mildew on products and in manufacturing areas. Mold is one of the primary causes of fungus that you can find on walls, ceilings and equipment itself. Moreover, the fungus tends to release harmful substances, which in the first place will negatively affect human health in general. That is, any employee of the enterprise has a potential risk of getting a serious allergic disease. Well, the products themselves will be unusable if there is mold or fungus on them, which of course leads to losses.

5. When packing a product, the packaging material may permanently stick to the product, which will greatly increase the time spent on packaging the product.

6. Equipment failures. Moist air, which after some time forms in the form of condensate on the equipment, tends to penetrate inside the case, which often leads to an emergency shutdown of the device itself. And in the end it will lead to destruction.

7. Humidity accelerates the wear of all supporting structures of the building.

Thus, in order to independently solve all possible problems in the production process due to an incorrect microclimate, it is necessary to normalize the increased level of air humidity in all production facilities. This can be done by using adsorption-type dehumidifiers, which will harmlessly get rid of moist air and extend the storage of pharmaceutical products. The adsorption method primarily ensures the normalization of the microclimate in the room at low temperatures. That is why modern experts recommend the use of dehumidifiers.

In order to purchase a quality product, the best solution would be to choose an industrial, rotary dehumidifier Сelsius OL-70 from the popular European company Desiccant Technologies Group.

Why is it recommended to use a Desiccant Technologies Group dehumidifier?

When using these air dryers, each enterprise will receive the following results in the course of work, namely:

• Efficient high performance dehumidifiers at even the lowest temperatures in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.

• Easy to use dehumidifier. Modern air dehumidifiers practically do not need to be set up, you just need to turn them on and not worry about work.

• Ease in the course of installation and installation of the device. Due to its small dimensions, the dryer can be installed almost anywhere in the production room without wasting space.

• Automation of the device. Air dehumidifiers are the most autonomous devices, which, after the start of their work, will not need constant monitoring.

• Resistant to potential instrument corrosion. The body of the dehumidifier was made of special corrosion-resistant materials, which will ensure continuous operation of the unit in absolutely any conditions.

Technologies Group
— is in many ways a popular European manufacturer of quality goods. Since 2003, the company began to produce and develop the latest technologies for normalizing high levels of indoor air humidity, which is why the company is already one of the most advanced dehumidifier developers. When using these dehumidifiers, every modern enterprise will be able to achieve great results and increase its productivity at times.

The use of the adsorption method in workshops and storage areas ensures that the recommended relative air humidity and the necessary air exchange conditions are maintained, which makes it possible to speed up production processes:

For example, in the production of tablets and coating, as well as drying granular products under conditions of controlled humidity by the method of adsorption drying up to 2.2 g/kg, the drying time is reduced by 50%.

In the event that you do not know where to purchase high-quality and reliable devices for working in production, but immediately go to the pages of our website. On our website, everyone can purchase an air dryer from Desiccant Technologies Group at the best prices in Ukraine.


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