electric fireplaces

From time immemo­r­i­al, the hearth has been a sym­bol of com­fort, warmth, beau­ty, and friend­li­ness. Today, not every­one can or wants to keep an open fire at home, espe­cial­ly res­i­dents of city apart­ments. And elec­tric fire­places are a great alter­na­tive.

A home elec­tric fire­place skill­ful­ly imi­tates the real fire that every­one loves to enjoy long free evenings. It elim­i­nates the need to find ways to install a real fire­place, which requires the con­di­tions, loca­tion and con­struc­tion of the chim­ney.

Electric fireplaces for an apartment

The dif­fer­ence between an elec­tric fire­place and a real one is that instead of an open fire, there is an imi­ta­tion of it. Such a fire­place warms per­fect­ly and, unlike oth­er elec­tric heaters such as radi­a­tors and fan heaters, it can work in dif­fer­ent modes: warm and show a pic­ture of a flame, just please the eye with­out heat­ing.

To install such a device, it does not take long and dif­fi­cult to orga­nize a place for instal­la­tion, pre­pare and con­nect it to the chim­ney, espe­cial­ly since it is sim­ply not pro­vid­ed for in apart­ments. Main­te­nance and oper­a­tion of such an elec­tric fire­place heater is extreme­ly easy.

The elec­tric fire­place works silent­ly, and the flow of warm air moves smooth­ly and gen­tly, fill­ing the room and envelop­ing it even­ly and every­where.

Fire­place modes can be adjust­ed depend­ing on your needs. And not only reg­u­late the heat­ing tem­per­a­ture, but also the play of the flame. His work is sim­ply mes­mer­iz­ing, because the fire looks incred­i­bly real­is­tic. An elec­tric fire­place looks har­mo­nious in any inte­ri­or — whether it is a coun­try house or a sum­mer house, an apart­ment, a cafe or a lob­by of a pub­lic build­ing.

Components of electric fireplaces

The main part of the dec­o­ra­tive elec­tric fire­place is the hearth — an elec­tric fire­place built into a spe­cial por­tal. It can be a niche in the wall, a non-work­ing fire­place, or a spe­cial­ly pre­pared struc­ture. If you install the hearth sep­a­rate­ly, it will look like a fire. There is a wide vari­ety of mod­els of hearth fire­places, so you can safe­ly choose the right fire­place for both clas­sic design and more dar­ing, for exam­ple, high-tech style.

The por­tal for an elec­tric fire­place is a frame that is made of stone, wood and oth­er mate­ri­als, depend­ing on the pref­er­ences of the own­er. A wide range of col­ors is also avail­able. The fire­place por­tal in com­bi­na­tion with the hearth is a har­mo­nious and com­plete ensem­ble.

DIY electric fireplace

With a strong desire, you can inde­pen­dent­ly man­u­fac­ture and install an elec­tric fire­place at home. First you need to decide on the place of its future loca­tion, its type, size. Then you need to buy a fire­box and an elec­tri­cal part of the fire­place. Of the tools you will need a ham­mer, screw­driv­er, lev­el, screw­driv­er and met­al scis­sors. Let’s start work!

We need to make a por­tal pedestal. To do this, you can use an unnec­es­sary MDF coun­ter­top, cov­ered with a pro­tec­tive lay­er that pre­vents mois­ture from pen­e­trat­ing and is not afraid of high tem­per­a­tures. Please note that the area of ​​the pedestal should be slight­ly larg­er than the por­tal.

We cov­er the entire wall on which the fire­place will be installed with heat-resis­tant build­ing mate­ri­als, for exam­ple, asbestos. We make the markup, with self-tap­ping screws we fas­ten guides from a met­al pro­file along it. We sew the fin­ished frame with dry­wall,decorative electric fireplaces we put­ty the joints, we strength­en all the cor­ners with per­fo­rat­ed cor­ners.

After — we prime the entire sur­face, com­plete­ly put­ty it. We make holes for ven­ti­la­tion oppo­site the lugs in the fur­nace body.

It remains to dec­o­rate the por­tal, choos­ing for this arti­fi­cial stones, relief plas­ter, VD-paint or any oth­er type of decor to your taste.

For a fire­place, you need to car­ry out all the nec­es­sary com­mu­ni­ca­tions — elec­tric­i­ty and ven­ti­la­tion for the fire­box. That’s all — it remains only to con­nect the elec­tric fire­place and enjoy the beau­ty of the flame play­ing in it.

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