Electric fireplaces in questions and answers


What factors should be considered when installing an electric fireplace?

First of all, you should take care of the availability of a power source for the electric fireplace. For this purpose, an outlet that is designed for the power consumed by the device is suitable. It can be found in the technical data sheet.

Do not forget that the fireplace will need to replace light bulbs, clean and, possibly, repair when broken. Therefore, follow basic safety rules. Be sure to provide for the possibility of disconnecting the fireplace from the mains.

If you buy a stove and a fireplace portal as a set, then there should not be any particular difficulty in assembling them. Just follow the instructions.

If you buy only an insert stove, then it can be mounted into the old fireplace portal or directly into the wall. To do this, it is recommended to make an ordinary wooden frame, which will provide ventilation gaps around the stove. With their help, it will be possible to carry out maintenance of the electric fireplace. You can close the gaps using a special panel or frame, which, as a rule, are sold complete with a stove. Be sure to take care of the possibility to disconnect the device from the network if necessary. To ensure that the “flame” in the electric fireplace is always bright and contrasting, do not install it opposite the window.

What type are fireplaces? What’s the difference between them?

All models of electric fireplaces can be divided into 4 groups:

  • Classic electric fireplaces

They have a rectangular shape with a spacious hearth. Quite popular due to its simplicity and harmoniously combined with any style of interior space. Most often they are made of stone, such as marble or granite.

  • Economical electric fireplaces

They do not require any additional framing and are quite small in size. They can be easily hung on the wall. Not suitable for space heating. They are used only for aesthetic design and are quite cheap.

  • Attached electric fireplaces

As a rule, they are installed on the floor and are a mobile type of electric fireplaces. Complete with them, you can buy additional items, such as a countertop or a bar above it. They are much more expensive than the first two types of electric fireplaces.

  • Exotic electric fireplaces

The most expensive, but also the most diverse in style, electric fireplaces. They require a large area to install. High-tech tinted glass electric fireplaces are now especially popular.

What functions do the stove and portal of the electric fireplace perform?

The portal and the stove (that is, the hearth) are the main elements of the electric fireplace. They can be purchased as a set or separately.

The portal is the outer «shell» of the fireplace. The choice of materials and style of this element depends entirely on the interior of your apartment. Portals are made of marble, wood, facing tiles, with or without decoration. Modern models of portals are presented in all colors. In addition, they can be equipped with various accessories, such as charcoal tongs or a protective grille.

The fireplace stove is responsible for the appearance of the «fire», the heating power, and also for the presence of flame adjustment.

At this stage, there are various technologies that simulate the flame. However, they all look quite realistic. With the help of «fire» control, you can create a lot of effects, ranging from a blazing fire to embers, with imitation of sparks and crackling firewood. The possibility and choice of fuel is provided: artificial coals, stones, firewood.

The choice of these parameters does not depend on the power of the device, its type of installation or environmental friendliness. They depend solely on your taste and preferences.

How is an electric fireplace different from other heating appliances?

The main difference between an electric fireplace and an oil heater, a fan heater and an electric convector is the presence of a “live” picture of a burning flame. A transparent screen covers the fireplace insert in which the fire burns. It’s really just an elaborate optical imitation. Of course, natural fire in a coal fireplace looks more attractive, but its creation and maintenance in an apartment is almost impossible.

When installing an electric fireplace, there are no problems. On average, it takes no more than 30 minutes.

An electric fireplace creates a uniform warm air flow. It does not raise dust and evenly distributes heat in the room. It should also be noted the silent operation of the device, in contrast to the operation, for example, of a fan heater. In addition, electric fireplaces are a fairly economical type of heating devices.

All models of electric fireplaces have two mandatory modes of operation: “no flame” and “flame without heating”. In the first mode, the fireplace will work only for heating the room without a visual display of a burning fire, and in the second, you will see a blazing fire, but the room will not be heated.

Modern manufacturers also worry about the movement of the «flame». It looks realistic and does not repeat.

What are the advantages of an electric fireplace over a traditional fireplace?

In most cases, it is impossible to install an ordinary wood-burning fireplace in a city apartment for a number of reasons. To install it, you must obtain permission from the city authorities. They are issued only on the condition that your apartment is located on the top floor. It is impossible to install an ordinary fireplace in an apartment with a standard layout, so the question arises of its partial redevelopment.

Having installed a fireplace, it should be understood that further rearrangement of furniture or a complete apartment renovation is possible only when it is dismantled. This entails additional cash costs. In addition to all sorts of permits and redevelopments, you will also need to learn the technique of lighting a wood-burning fireplace and provide additional ventilation for the room. And, finally, the installation of an ordinary fireplace endangers not only your apartment, but also neighboring rooms.

Installing an electric fireplace removes all these obstacles. It is suitable for use both in a city apartment and in a cottage. Its installation does not require any documents and a separate power supply. The electric fireplace can also be used as an additional source of heating in the apartment. It does not require the installation of a complex ventilation system; as a result of its operation, there is no smoke and burning.


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